DIY Pineapple Mason Jar CocktailsDIY Pineapple Mason Jar CocktailsDIY Pineapple Mason Jar Cocktails

I had my 30th birthday party last weekend and these mason jars from The Reject Shop were such a hit! They worked out to only $1.25 each and were super fun to drink cocktails from – even the guys got on board.

The jars are rather awesome on their own, but in my standard style I wanted to add a fruity touch so have transformed some into little pineapples! They’d look so great all ready to go on a party table filled with pina coladas, don’t ya think?

I also really wanted to make a champagne ice bucket that was a bit different. I found these lovely wicker storage baskets at The Reject Shop too for only $20 and with a bit of gold spray paint around the bottom and a bucket inserted inside, it was perfect. (and bonus, I can now use this as a plant pot holder around the home!)

wicker champagne ice bucket

Check out the step by step guide below to make your own pineapple jars and stay tuned, next week I’ll be sharing some more pics from the party plus some pointers for throwing your own house party.

Fiona x


  • Mason Drink Jars from The Reject Shop ($5 per pack of 4)
  • Green paper
  • Green paint + paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun or craft glue


Start by painting your lids the same colour as your paper. I gave mine two coats and let it dry in between.

pineapple cocktail jars

Cut a strip of paper which is approx 6cm wide, and start snipping into it from one side to start forming wide leaf shapes which are around 2-3cm high. Don’t worry about making it perfect, pineapples leaves are supposed to look uneven! Make each leaf touch at the bottom like this, and leave yourself at least a cm underneath for you to glue to your lid later.

pineapple cocktail jars

Next make slight fold marks in between each leaf so it’s easy to manipulate later, and also make one long fold line at the base of the leaves. Also snip tiny triangles out from under each fold line – this makes it easier to wrap around later.

pineapple cocktail jars

Now to make a strip of longer leaves. On a strip of paper approx 12cm wide, start cutting long leaves which are around 2 x 10cm. Cut 4-5 of them, then make your paper piece shorter by 2-3cm. Cut another 4-5 slightly shorter leaves, then do the same – cut your strip down by 2-3cm and cut the remaining leaves.

pineapple cocktail jars

You should be left with two pieces like this.

pineapple cocktail jars

Now to just glue them to your lids! Make sure your paint is dry first though.

Start with your smaller leaves, in your hand curl them around so they’re ready to be placed.

pineapple cocktail jars


Add some glue to the bottom of the tabs and place on the lid.

pineapple cocktail jars

Do the same with the longer leaves, curling it around so the longer leaves sit in the middle of the spiral.

To finish it off, use your finger to slightly curl the paper leaves outward to make them look a bit more like natural leaves.

Fill with your fave tropical drink!  Here’s one of my fave pina colada recipes if you’re interested!

DIY Pineapple Mason Jar Cocktails

DIY Pineapple Mason Jar Cocktails

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with The Reject Shop. I only work with products which I think are totally awesome. Thanks for supporting the brands who make this Craft Hunter journey possible!


Velcro changeable elbow patches Velcro changeable elbow patches

You’ve no doubt seen the elbow patch craze that is taking over, but have you ever thought about adding some to a top you own? I took it one step further this week and decided I couldn’t live with only having 1 colour option. Let me introduce you to, Velcro elbow patches! Ohh yes!

Velcro have a full range of products especially for use on fabrics, and have just released some nifty new some patches which don’t require sewing or ironing (winning!) You literally just peel and stick it straight onto the fabric and it has a really strong, permanent hold.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure how this elbow patch project was going to work out, but I’m loving them. You can barely see the velcro and it moves well when you bend your arm. Slightly thicker fabrics will definitely work better for this (for both the actual top and the patches) so I wouldn’t try attempting it on a thin blouse etc but jackets and jumpers will work a treat. The product says it’s most suitable for cottons, polyester, poly blends and nylon. For my patches I went with some scrap leather pieces I bought from Spotlight, and I also did a pink set from just some canvas fabric.

This idea can really be applied to so many other fashion details too – changeable pockets on tops….patches on denim shorts… cuffs on the bottom of trousers…or leather shoulder details!


  • Velcro Sticky Back for Fabrics (Available nationally from Bunnings, Spotlight and independent haberdashery stores)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paper
  • Thick fabric or leather
  • Jacket or jumper



velcro elbow patches

Put your jumper on, mark with a pencil where you think the elbow patch should go, then just take off the jumper and use your ruler to measure the distance from the wrist, so that it’s in the exact same position on the other arm.


Sketch and cut out a template for your elbow patch on a piece of paper. I find if you draw one side first then fold it over, you can ensure all the curves are identical.


Use this template to draw onto the back of your velcro pieces and cut them out, then repeat onto your fabric.  When cutting out your fabric, give yourself an extra 2mm around the edge so that it covers the velcro when you’re wearing it.


Now simply peel and stick your velcro pieces to your top and to your fabric! Place the really rough piece of velcro onto the top, and the softer piece onto the fabric. I recommend leaving them to fasten for a few hours before pulling the velcro or wearing the top.

All done and ready for any last minute costume changes!

Fiona xx

Disclaimer: This project was in collaboration with Velcro. I only work with products that I think are completely awesome. Thanks for supporting the brands that make my Craft Hunter journey possible!


Make this - Metallic Gold Rope VaseMake this - Gold Rope Vase

Gold spray paint has got to be one of my favourite things in my craft cupboard. It’s actually amazing how good things can turn out with a bit of gold love!

I’ve steered clear of spray painting projects in the past because I’ve always assumed it would be difficult to get a perfect finish, but whatdya know,  it’s actually super easy! As long as you do multiple light coats, and let it dry in between, the world is your spray paint oyster.

If you live in an apartment with only a tiny balcony like me and thought spray painting wasn’t for you, think again – find yourself a giant box and just spray your items inside the box! Totally mess free.

Quick tip – don’t try metallic spray paint on quite porous materials like cotton rope or fabric though,  as it will never have quite the same chromey gold finish. You could try a primer first but still I would recommend just sticking with things like wicker, plastic, glass, plastic-y rope etc and you’ll be fine.

My latest spray paint victim was this rope vase I crafted up on the weekend. I’m loving the textured effect with the metallic gold and as such have also painted a wicker basket that I had laying around home!


  • Gold spray paint
  • Rope
  • Jar
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

DIY Gold Rope Vase - supply list



Heat up your glue gun and run a line of glue around the bottom of the jar and hold your rope in place. Then just start wrapping it around, and around, and around.

No need to glue every part of rope, I just dabbed a bit every 10cm or so.

DIY gold rope vase how to

Apply a good amount of glue for the final row, to keep it all in place.

When you’ve reached the absolute top, cut your rope on an angle so it almost sits flush with the bottom row.

I popped a good amount of glue on the rope end to keep it from fraying too.


Now for the fun part!

Safety first peeps – always cover your mouth with a mask (or use an old scarf tied around your face like I did) those fumes are nasty.

I placed a lid on top of my jar to protect the inside, but it really doesn’t matter either way as you won’t see the inside once there’s flowers in the vase.

Give it one good coat, allow to dry, then flip it over and spray from upside down – this helps to ensure all bits of the rope are nicely covered.


Leave it until you think it’s dry, and then leave it longer. Don’t do as I did and get impatient and put it on your table only to find the bottom isn’t 100% dry! (noooo)

And there you have it. A super easy idea and sure beats a plain vase any day!

Have you sprayed some items gold before? Or have I inspired you to give it a go maybe??

Fiona xx

Make your own gold rope vaseMake a gold rope vase!


DIY cork plus sign pin boards by Craft Hunter Blog

Hi friends,

A super quick and cheap one for you today at a total cost of $5!

I’ve been wanting to make a little pin board area near my entryway for a while and finally got around to it on the weekend. These little dudes were actually just cork pot stand trivets from Ikea which come in a pack of 3 for $4.99 – bargain! Cutting the cork actually worked out much easier and neater than you might think too, the trick is to use a sturdy and sharp knife.

I think they’ve come up really well and are the perfect spot to hang some happy photos and postcards.


DIY cork plus sign pin boards by Craft Hunter Blog



Sketch up your plus sign onto the cork with the pencil and ruler (you can also do this on a piece of paper and cut it out first if you’re not confident measuring up shapes first go) and simply cut it out with your knife.  I recommend taking multiple trips over the cork rather than trying to do it in one heavy cut, as you may rip the corners of the cork.

DIY cork plus sign pin boards by Craft Hunter Blog

For your 2nd one, just place your first one on the cork as a template and trace around it so they’re all identical in shape.

For hanging, I just used these 3M velcro picture hanging strips so they site flush to the wall – much better than double sided tape as it’s actually stronger and won’t ruin the walls when you want to take them down.

Pretty easy, right?

In other news I’m having my 30th birthday party soon (eeew… I know) so be prepared to be bombarded with party related posts of all forms. Nothing like a good excuse to go crazy with the decorations!!

Fiona x


Top 8 gorgeous Ikea furniture hack ideasTop 8 gorgeous Ikea furniture hack ideas

There’s nothing I love more than a super creative and easy furniture makeover, and when it comes to low cost furniture, Ikea has to be one of the most perfect places in the universe. Why settle for the finished piece straight out of the flat pack box when you can add a bit of love and have a gorgeous masterpiece of your own which looks a million bucks?! They’re commonly known as Ikea hacks these days and if you google the term, your mind will be blown by the 100′s of creative ideas from around the globe.

I’m sharing 8 ideas I’m absolutely loving at the moment. They all look amazingly expensive and glam and have me all excited to visit the wonderful land of Ikea this weekend!

  1. Such a simple idea and who knew these chairs could look so amazing? Style Me Pretty has nailed it on this chair makeover

  2. Last year I spent forever brainstorming ways I could make a long ottoman for the end of my bed, but nothing was quite right, but this project by Dwellings by DeVore is so spot on I am definitely giving it a go.

  3. This reclaimed wood buffet cabinet by Place of My Taste is my all time favourite Ikea hack I think. You would never know it was just a plain cabinet before and what an easy project!

  4. I would never think to paint a chair cobalt blue but after seeing how gorgeous this office chair turned out from Style Me Pretty I’m dying to paint something blue now!

  5. Doesn’t get much simpler than putting a tree stump on a stool base as SeaKettle has done, and the result is just so good.

  6. For a simple vintage industrial look at some faux card catalog details to the front of a cabinet – genius! This gorgeous project can be found on Windgate Lane. 

  7. A really easy shelving idea from Lay Baby Lay which looks uber glam.

  8. Mandy from Vintage Revivals is kind of the queen of awesome mid-century modern style DIYs and this dresser has to be one of my faves. Love a peach and gold combo!

Which is your fave?

Fiona x


DIY Strawberry Hot Water Bottle Cover

It is getting COLLLD down here in Sydney. Isn’t it amazing how quickly things can go from lovely warm sunny days to bam, it’s freezing, wear a coat or your limbs might fall off. But it’s not all bad. If you’re anything like me it means plenty of down time indoors, with a coffee in hand, TV on, wrapped in a blanket.

With snug days in mind I decided it was time to make hot water bottles cool again. Sure, they are a bit daggy and not the most efficient way to get cosy, but when you transform them to be a giant piece of fruit, how can you resist it’s cuddly charm?! Would make for a fun gift idea for a family member too.

I found a thick red dish mat in The Reject Shop the other day and it’s so soft and squishy I couldn’t wait to transform it into a giant fruity delight. A couple of minutes on the sewing machine later and this happy fellow is ready to keep you cosy on the couch.

Are you a hot water bottle person??

Fiona x


  • Thick material or bath mat
  • White material for the seeds
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Green hot water bottle


It’s super simple. Lay down your hot water bottle onto your red fabric and cut a strawberry shape, leaving a couple of cm room for sewing.

Now cut a 2nd piece using your 1st as a template.


If you’re using a bath mat like me, put the hemmed edge at the top so you don’t have to re-hem it. If you’re using regular fabric, fold over the top of your strawberry shape and sew across to give it a neat hem.

Place your two berry shapes together, good side facing in, and sew around the edges with your sewing machine. I did a tight zig zag stitch to keep it nice and secure. If your fabric is as thick as mine it may need to be pulled through the sewing machine as you go but just be a little tough with it and you’ll get there.


Fold your strawberry right side out. Now to attach some seeds! Just cut out some tear drop shapes from some white fabric or tea towel like mine, and hand stitch them in place with a couple of quick stitches.

All done!

DIY strawberry hot water bottle cover