DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

This week we have the insanely lovely Amy Di Stasio sharing a tutorial with us.  Amy is a designer/craft nerd/party thrower from Melbourne who runs a very cool mobile craft party service called Make Parties which is all about getting kids to use their hands for more than just swiping an iPad. It looks ridiculously fun. Wish I had these types of parties around when I was a kid!

She’s putting macrame to new uses today with this cute little egg project. Such a fun gift idea!

Fiona x


Easter isn’t here yet but I’ve already over-indulged in some serious amounts of chocolatey yummies! Here’s a DIY for all of you who are trying to avoid the call of the sugar gods like me. Let’s make a macrame egg hanger!


  • 8 x 1.5m lengths of coloured cord (Blank Goods have some awesome cord)
  • 1 hollow wooden egg (I got mine from Blank Goods)
  • NON SUGARY TREATS! (small enough to fit inside)
  • Acrylic Paint and a paint brush
  • Sharpie

DIY Macrame Egg HangerDIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 1:

Start by decorating your egg. I painted just the base of mine and then drew some black dots with a Sharpie on the top half. Leave it to dry while you do the next bits.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 2:

Gather the 8 lengths of cord together, making sure that all the ends meet. Fold the group of cords in half.

Tie the loop into one big knot about 8 centimetres down.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

 Step 3:

Separate the loose cords into 4 sections of 4 cords.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

 Step 5:

This is the tricky macrame bit! Grab the left cords and bring them over the centre, and then under the right cords.

Now, bring the right cords under the centre, and up through the loop of the left cords. It should sit on top of the left cords now.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

 Slowly pull the left and right cords tight, also pulling the centre cords down tightly too. Completely close the knot so that it reaches to the top.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Keep going! Repeat the process of left over the centre and under the right, then right under the centre and up through the left loop. Your knot will start to slowly twist around to the right. I did 25 of them.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 6:

Tie a knot the same way you started, using all of the cords, and push it up directly under your line of twisty knots. Pull it tightly.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 7:

Separate the cords into 4 sections of 4 cords again.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Tie a single knot onto the first section about 8 centimetres down. Repeat the process for the other three.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 8:

Take two cords from one section, and two cords from the section next to it, and tie them together a few centimetres down. Repeat around the sections of cords until you have knotted them all.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 9:

Tie a knot using all of the cords a couple of centimetres underneath and pull it tightly.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Half of the leftover cords will be shorter than the other half because of all of the tying knots that we did. Trim the remaining cords into a tassel underneath, and voila! You are doneskies.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Happy Easter! xxx


Easter Egg ShotsEaster Egg Shots

What’s better than eating Easter eggs? Taking a shot out of one and THEN eating it! Oh yuss. That’s my kind of Easter party.

This year when you’re about to tuck into your choccies with family or friends, try this super quick idea for something different.

Use a sharp knife to chop the top off an egg and place it into an egg cup. Fill with your favourite liqueurs (I went for 2 parts Baileys 1 part Kahlua – yum) and you’re ready to get the party started. The egg will hold for hours, probably days, just don’t fill it with hot liquids!

To cut the top off, keep turning your egg and use a very light back and forth sawing motion with your knife, only using the weight of the knife so as not to crush your chocolatey delight or you might be forced to eat all the failures until you get it right (disaster).

  • Update – a clever idea from the comments below – heat your knife in a pot of boiling water to slice through the egg easily!


Easter Egg Shots

Liqueurs like Patron would be perfect too if you’re wanting something with more kick. I’ve also heard that a bit of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky with Baileys and Kahlua is amazing but I didn’t have any on hand. If you haven’t tried Fireball Whisky it’s kind of life changing and I recommend you try some stat. It’s packed with tasty cinnamon spices and is a drink in its own league, not like regular whisky at all. You can comfortably sip it from a glass with ice and totally look just like Harvey Spector.

Do you have a fave shot recipe that would work a treat with chocolate? Drop me a note below, I want to hear!

Fiona x


Easter Egg Shots



Poppies for grace giveaway $150 voucher

Poppies for Grace is one of my all time favourite party goods brands. They stock a gorgeous range of bright and fun party decor items like giant helium balloons filled with confetti (yes, you read right), gorgeous gift tags and stationery, mini balloon cake toppers and happy tissue paper ball garlands. It’s all a bit too much for me to handle really.

I’m super excited to be collaborating with them this week to give you the chance to win a $150 voucher to spend on their goodies!  Oh yesss. Very jealous of this winner.

Poppies For Grace giveaway on Craft Hunter blogPoppies For Grace giveaway on Craft Hunter blog

If you have a party coming up any time this year, or would just like some colourful decorations and paper goods for home, this voucher will pretty much sort you out for life.

Poppies For Grace giveaway on Craft Hunter blog

To be in with the chance to win, all you need to do is:

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  • AND comment below on this blog post, letting us know which products in particular you’d love to own from their store. Head on over to Poppies For Grace HERE and have a browse.

(If you’re reading this on the homepage, the link to comment is at the top)

This competition is open to my overseas readers too. Hoorah – party items for all!

Competition closes end of the month and the winner will be picked at random and announced on Instagram on the 1st of April 2015, AEST.  Prize value is in AU$.

Good luck all!

Fiona x


DIY Watercolour Bookmarks

I have another lovely guest contributor for you guys today, this time all the way from the UK. Emma is an event stylist by day and when she’s not making weddings look gorgeous, she’s getting her craft on for her blog over at Lily Allsorts. She has some gorgeous tutorials over there, you definitely should have a peek.

This week she has whipped up these lovely bookmarks and I’m loving the watercolour pattern she’s done. I normally go for more of a blendy splosh look (know what I mean?) and haven’t really tried other abstract patterns yet. I want to put this print on a million things – really on trend and fun.  It’s also crazy how long I’ve been using a daggy piece of cardboard as a bookmark for years and have never thought to myself to make a nice one! Will definitely be added to the to do list.

Over to you Emma, thanks so much for sharing this awesomeness.

Fiona x


Hey Craft Hunter Readers! I’m Emma, designer, wedding stylist and filling the gaps in between:  blogger at Lily Allsorts. There you’ll find me getting up to allsorts from sewing, knitting, painting, crafting, you name it it’s probably a hobby of mine! I’m a creative at heart and love the satisfaction of making something completely unique!

Today I’m sharing with you these fun watercolour bookmarks, which basically incorporate everything I love: colour, pattern, glitter & tassels. Oh and the ability to keep the page in my latest Game of Thrones book of course.


  • Paper template download
  • White Card Stock. One A4 sheet can make 3/4
  • Watercolour paints & brush
  • Glitter card
  • Washi tape
  • Hole punch
  • Glue
  • Black wool/embroidery thread
  • Gold ribbon/pleather
  • Darning needle


DIY Watercolour Bookmarks

To make the bookmark:

  • First up – the fun part! Take the sheet of your card and cut it in half. On the first half doodle with your watercolour paints. Be completely random and make any sort of squiggle or mark. Experiment with using different things to print textures. I chose to stick to tones of a single colour but you can mix it up with whatever you fancy!
  • Once dry, use your paper template to cut out the main arrow shape. Cut one from the watercolour card and one from the plain card for the back.
  • Glue the two arrow shapes together to create a stiffer bookmark.
  • Use the washi tape and glitter card to make arrow shapes on the bottom.
  • Punch a hole in the top of the arrow for the tassel.

DIY Watercolour Bookmarks

To make the tassel:

  • Use a piece of card around double the length you wish your tassel to be.
  • Wrap the wool around the card and cut each end.
  • Gather the lengths of wool and tie another piece around the middle. This will be used to hand the tassel so ensure it is quite long.
  • Fold the lengths in half to form the basic tassel shape.
  • Wrap another piece of wool around the top of the tassel and secure with a knot. Darn in loose ends within the rest of the tassel.
  • Attach to the bookmark by threading the remaining threads through the hole in the bookmark. Thread back through the tassel and secure with a knot. Again, darn in the loose ends.
  • You may wish to finish the tassel with some ribbon or pleather. Secure with glue.

DIY Watercolour BookmarksDIY Watercolour Bookmarks

Enjoy keeping your page in your book!

Thank you Fiona for having me here

Emma x


How to get the most life out of your fresh cut flowers


I’m pumped to have the lovely ladies from BLOOMBOX CO sharing some insider tips with us today!

BLOOMBOX CO are a Sydney-based subscription service which sends you a gorgeous mix of fresh blooms, hand picked by the stylish ladies themselves, delivered to your door weekly or monthly. Unlike a florist, they come packed in a box, ready for you to get creative and arrange together yourselves. Clever concept right? I was lucky enough to receive a box last week and had the BEST time playing florist and putting them all together.

I love having fresh flowers around the home and will usually have at least one bunch hanging around the living room but have never actually looked into ways to keep them for longer. I always figured if I was changing the water a couple of times I was gods gift to greenery. Definitely needed these pointers! Over to you ladies.

Fiona x

How to get the most life out of your fresh cut flowers


THAT feeling. You’ve just purchased yourself (or received) a glorious bunch of fresh flowers. The heavenly scent, the velvety soft ruffly petals, the glossy green foliage. Divine!

But how to stretch out the joy for as long as possible? Little do most people know, keeping flowers in your home is not a set and forget affair.

Now we’re not big on rules here at BLOOMBOX CO (flowers should be fun!) but when Fiona asked us to share our top tips for keeping flowers fresh we thought we’d share a few of these failsafe rules for keeping your blooms blooming for longer and a few factoids you mightn’t be aware of.

How to get the most life out of your fresh cut flowers

Drink up!

Numero uno. Never, never leave any foliage below the water line. Leaves sitting in water begin to decay very quickly, encouraging bacterial growth (ew) which can cause blockages and affect your flower’s ability to drink. As soon as you get your blooms, pull or trim off any leaves that would sit in the water and trim the stems of your blooms just before you pop them in water.

On that note, just as you wouldn’t want to drink brown murky gunk, your flowers won’t either, so change vase water regularly, trimming the stems down a couple of centimetres each time. Flower food is a great addition if you have it – it packs a nutrient punch (think of it as flower Berocca) and also keep bacteria at bay.

For super delicate souls (think tulips, dahlias, peonies), it’s worth cutting the stems with sharp scissors under water to preserve the stem’s ability to suck up water. It’s the smallest of efforts which can make a huge difference to the life of your blooms.

How to get the most life out of your fresh cut flowers

Flower Kryptonite

Flowers are SUPER sensitive to a gas called ethylene – a totally smell-less invisible gas given off by ripening fruit and vegetables. Think of it a a flower kryptonite of sorts. In nature, maturing fruit gives off ethylene to let neighbouring flowers on the plant know to start turning into fruit.  This sounds super cute, but for your blooms this means early wilting, yellowing and petal drop – which is sad all around.

Simple remedy?  Keep your blooms well away from the fruit bowl and this should keep them perkier for longer.

Primp and preen

Dying blooms and wilting leaves also give off ethylene which can upset nearby blooms that could otherwise keep the party going for much longer. Flowers bloom and fade at different rates so the odd bit of primping really does go a long way. Take a couple of moments to remove any sad stems, or just pull out any flower heads and leaves that look like they’re on their last legs.

Preening not only gives your flowers a new lease on life, you can also stretch out the creativity factor by discarding wilted blooms and trimming down longer lasting ones for new projects or arrangements like mini bud vases or a petal mandala. Great for those of us who have a penchant for shiny new things and up-, down- or sideways-cycling.

So there you have it – our top tips for getting the very most out of your blooms.

For more flower loving’ and fun, doable floral projects, check out BLOOMBOX CO.



5 Crafty Ways To Update a Boring CushionImage from Amy Sia


If you’re like me, you might have those cushions which hang around home (probs in the cupboard by now) and aren’t overly special but we bought them because while out shopping we thought we were the next Neil Whittaker for a moment and bought them to add some ‘texture’ to our room. But in actual fact, we kind of bought a dull beige cushion which is actually pretty damn boring to look at after a few months. Never fear though friends, I thought I’d share a few ideas for updating these cushions to transform them back into something to be loved and displayed with pride.

There’s actually SO much you can do with plain throw cushions, and the end result won’t look like an amateur crafty mess, I promise.



5 Crafty Ways To Update a Boring Cushion

Image sources (clockwise from top left): 1 A Delightful Blog 2 3 Bedeck Home  4 Shelterness


The first and most obvious change is adding some cool buttons. It’s one of the most simple ways to transform a cushion and it’s perfect for those not yet ready to commit to crazy colour. Pop a big one on the middle or space them out evenly.

My advice would be to stay away from buttons which are too small or traditional, and aim for bright colours or bold patterns, have fun with it and even mix up a bunch of clashing bright colours. Over-sized or shank-back buttons (crafty talk for buttons without holes – just a loop on the back) can help to give a much more modern look too. Craft stores usually have a massive range but try Etsy or Op Shops for something a bit different.



5 Crafty Ways To Update a Boring Cushion

Image sources (clockwise from top left): 1 Patchwork Cactus  2 Handmade Charlotte  Oh The Lovely Things   4 The Vallentine Project

If you don’t do much crafty time it might seem crazy, but it’s actually really simple to paint on your cushions, and if you use fabric paint it’s as good as store-bought and will stay forever. The options are seriously endless too – get crazy with some abstract brush strokes, paint lots of tiny dots or freehand some shapes.

You could create a stencil shape out of some card and stamp on some patterns to your fabric. When you’re stamping I recommend either use a tiny bit of sponge to dab the paint in an up and down motion, or buy a flat tip paint brush and use a dabbing motion – this way you won’t have any bits seep under your stencil.

You can also cut a shape out of foam sheets and glue to a wooden block to make your own custom stamp shape. Use a mini foam roller or a bit of sponge to dab your paint onto the foam sheet so it’s a nice even coat before stamping. Check out my watermelon stamp tutorial here for a step by step guide.

Think outside the box! You can actually turn any old object into a stamp too. Like the shape of an old button or random object? Roll some paint on it and see what it stamps like on some scrap paper. Or why not try your hand at dip dying for an ombre look? 100x easier than it looks. You just literally dunk some fabric into diluted fabric dye in a bucket, rinse then let dry.

Make sure you use fabric paint (available at any craft store) so that there’s no risk of it rubbing off on your clothes or sofa. Then you can just seal it in once it’s dried using an iron.


Pom Poms

5 Crafty Ways To Update a Boring Cushion

Image sources (clockwise from top left): 1 Country Living  2 The Makerista 3 Arro Home via The Design Files 4 The House That Lars Built


The craft nerd in me couldn’t leave these bad boys out and they’re probably one of my fave cushion details of all time. Pom poms have come a long way in recent years from being a daggy nanna accessory to being really fun. Opt for bright or clashing colours to give your cushion a completely modern and cute makeover. To make your own giant pom pom just pick up some yarn and start wrapping it around a small piece of cardboard. Then just thread one of the pieces through your cushion and tie in place in the middle of your cushion cover. You can find a good tutorial for this here. Remember – the more yarn you do the fluffier it will be! You can also tease the ends to make it super fluffy.

You can also buy rows of adorable mini pom pom trim like the below which you can sew to your cushion too. As the cushion is already sewn together you can’t really attach it to the seems properly, but you can get creative and put some strips right across the middle.


Stitch Details

5 Crafty Ways To Update a Boring Cushion

Image sources (clockwise from top left): 1 Remodelaholic  2 Etsy 3 The Minty Fox  4 Oh Oh Blog


Embroidery details have a bit of an old school reputation but they can actually look super modern and a bit kitsch if you go for a quirky pattern in contemporary colours.

Lightly pencil on your pattern to your cushion first so you know where to stitch. If you’re doing something more detailed, try out an embroidery hoop too so that your fabric is nice and taught.


Iron On Transfers

5 Crafty Ways To Update a Boring Cushion

Image sources (clockwise from left): 1 Rose and Grey  2 Everyday Dishes  3 Skonahem 


Iron on transfers are kind of genius. You basically just print out any picture or photo onto this special paper using an inkjet printer and simply iron it onto your fabric. Don’t just imagine cheesy family portraits either, think gorgeous landscapes, cool random objects, animals or geometric patterns. Just remember it will iron in reverse! You can find a good tutorial over here.


Hope I’ve inspired some weekend cushion makeovers! I’d love to hear stories or see pics of past cushions you’ve given a new life to. Tag the hashtag #crafthunter on Instagram so I can see!

Have a good week guys

Fiona x