The Chaos Club storeThe Chaos Club storeThe Chaos Club storeThe Chaos Club store

Sooo.. I have some BIG news. If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen it… I have opened an online paper party goods store with my long-time friend Anita, and it’s up and running! Meet, The Chaos Club It’s full of happy colourful goodness and is my favourite design style all wrapped up in a perfect little package.

We’re really excited to be filling a big gap in the market for stylish, quirky paper party goods. We love novelty shapes and fun colour so I think this will definitely be a big theme in our collections. I’m so in love with our first ranges and can’t WAIT to start showing you all the other designs we are working on behind the scenes. If you enjoy novelty shapes, crazy bright colour and clean lines as much as we do, you are probably going to self-combust! 

The Chaos Club storeThe Chaos Club store

I met Anita over 10 years ago when we both worked for a small wholesale business in Adelaide before I split to Sydney and she ended up in Melbourne. She’s a hilarious lass with the most colourful and fun wardrobe and house you’ll ever see. I dare you to show me someone with more fruit-themed decorative items squished into one bedroom! When I decided one spontaneous day last year that I wanted to finally launch my own shop I knew she was the one to partner with me, and one text message later, that was that – we both latched onto this plan like it was made of gold and haven’t stopped being crazy excited since. With her background in design and my obsession with paper goods + background in PR, it was a perfect match and I’m really excited to see where this takes us!

Come follow us over on Instagram to keep updated with our latest and greatest, and you an check out all the items in our shop here:

I would really love to hear what you think, please drop a comment below! Also if you can think of some fun designs you think we should do, let me know! 

Fiona x

The Chaos Club store



win a $50 mt tape giveawaywin a $50 mt tape giveaway

Who doesn’t love washi tape, really?  I can never have enough rolls of it. So easy to jazz up stationery, cards, gift wrapping, table legs, household items, make wall stickers… the list goes on. This week I’ve teamed up with the awesome guys at Notemaker who have a brand new range of gorgeous MT Tapes in store. MT Japanese Tapes are the original washi tape brand that started the washi craze, and so naturally, they have some of the best designs around.

Notemaker are kindly giving away a $50 voucher for 2 lucky people to spend on MT Tapes of your choice!

To enter to win 1 of 2 x $50 vouchers:

Step 1: Follow @crafthunter and @notemaker on Instagram.

Step 2: Look for Craft Hunter’s recent Instagram post about this giveaway and simply tag a friend in the post’s comments. Each individual tag counts as an entry, so go for gold!

All entrants will be put into a list and the two winners will be picked at random on April 15th 2015 at midday Sydney time and announced on Instagram.

Open to my overseas readers too!

Good luck all. Fiona x



DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggsDIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggsDIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs

Amy from Make Parties has done it again with another awesome Easter idea. For our fellow Game of Thrones lovers, we think your Easter is about to be 10x more amazing thanks to Amy’s genius craft project.

This idea could also totally work for dressing up regular choccie eggs if you can’t get your hands on one of these great wooden eggs in time (minus the paint step of course). All you’d need is some washi tape!

Imagine giving these Easter gifts to your friends who are in love with the show – I would die!!

Over to you, Amy.

Fiona x

EASTER IS COMING, and so is the long-awaited return of the epic Game of Thrones! Huzzah! In honour of the imminent arrival of these two things close to my heart, here is a very spesh DIY to get you in the mood…


  • 3 hollow wooden eggs (I got mine from Blank Goods)
  • Acrylic paint (I used gold, red, and green)
  • Washi tape in gold, red, and green
  • and some crazy things to fill them with

DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs



Start by painting your eggs in the colours you’ve chosen. I’ve chosen some pretty bright colours, but you can of course be a little more true to the story if you would prefer! Completely up to your taste. Leave them to dry for a couple of minutes.

DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs

NEXT! Cut a bunch of 4cm lengths of washi tape.

DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs

Fold the bottom of each of them over back onto themselves, leaving about 1cm of sticky showing, and you’ll end up with a flap. Cut a “dragon scale” shape (that is definitely a thing!) into the flap.

DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs

Stick the washi tape dragon scale down very firmly. It should be hanging off the edge. Continue along the edge by overlapping the scales a few millimetres or so each time.

DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs

When you get back to the start, slightly peel back the first dragon scale you stuck down, and stick the last dragon scale down underneath it. Firmly press down the first row of dragon scales.

DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggsDIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs

Start the next row up by placing the point of the dragon scale in-between two of the points on the first row, but a few millimetres up. Keep going around the egg, and finish the row off like last time.

DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs

Do another row in the same way.

DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs

Now cut your dragon scales a little shorter, leaving less of a flap.

DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs

Stick the shorter scales on as usual. You’ll notice you’ll start needing less and less for each row. My rows of dragon scales went super wonky – but that’s okay! Don’t stress about keeping them too even. Beauty isn’t symmetrical, or something.

DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs

Cut your dragon scales shorter again, and do the next two rows. Remember to keep pressing each scale down really firmly.

make-parties-dragons-12DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggsDIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs

You’re nearly there! Cut one longer strip of washi tape, and fold each end over onto itself. Cut both flaps into scales.

DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs

Now stick it right on the top, and you’re done!

DIY Game of thrones dragon easter eggs

Fill your eggs with something ridiculous and try and find some kind of rad “chest” to display them in for the ultimate in GOT-related Easter wonder.




DIY test tube vase tutorial

Looking for quirky ways to display your blooms? I’m sharing this ridiculously easy tutorial over at BLOOMBOX CO. (You might remember these gals from their awesome tips here for keeping fresh cut flowers alive for longer)

For the full tutorial to make your own little test tube vases, head here.

These would look gorgeous down the middle of a dining table for a dinner party or wedding, or displayed on a bedside table or mantle piece. With only 2 materials needed it’s got to be one of my easiest projects yet!

Fiona x

DIY test tube vase tutorial


You make me melt  by Vickie LiuTeabag cookies by Vickie Liu

I’m pretty much obsessed with surfing Instagram and discovering inspiring new creative people I hadn’t yet heard of. It consumes me for hours per day sometimes. Especially anything baking and party related – they’re always the most incredible, delicious photos! I’m so glad we have platforms like the wondrous Instagram to bring these clever creatives to our attention, like the amazing “amateur” baker that I recently came across – Vickie Liu. You’ve most likely seen her work in your insta feed shared by someone at some point. It’s a jaw dropping mix of perfectly crafted cookies, quirky cakes and hilarious puns. A match made in heaven really! Check her out here – @vickiee_yo

I got in touch with this lovely treat-making genius to ask her a few questions about how she grew her Instagram following to over 21k and to find out the secrets to her perfectly piped icing.

 by Vickie Liu

1. Tell us a bit about you and what you do. How did you get into baking?
I am an Architecture/Interior design graduate. I’m currently working at a part time job unrelated to my field of study, and work on freelance projects in relation to baking on the side. This includes guest blogging, recipe development, styling and selling my baked goods.

I’ve had an interest in baking since high school, but amongst work and full time classes throughout uni, I rarely had the time or motivation to bake. After graduating from a course I didn’t particular enjoy, I had an abundance of free time to experiment in the kitchen, and that’s when I became addicted!

2. All of your cakes and cookies are kind of life changing. Which ones have been your personal faves?
Haha thank you! The Totoro cookies hold a special place in my heart, as they were one of the first batches of sugar cookies that I was happy with! Other than that, probably my matchstick cookies, typography pies and more recently – my series of pun cookies.

One in a melon cookies by Vickie Liu

3. You’ve created quite the instagram following! Any tips for the rest of us?
Always take photos with natural lighting, and stick to some type of theme! I also try to interact with my followers as much as possible too, and I’m not ashamed to use hashtags! Haha.

4. Are there some bakers/designers/creative folk who really inspire you?
There are honestly too many! Some of my current favourites who are on Instagram are:
Linda Lomelino (@linda_lomelino)
Dominique Ansel (@dominiqueansel)
Sam Ushiro (@aww.sam)
Kelly Mindell (@studiodiy)
Molly Yeh (@mollyyeh)
Zainab (@lagallette)
Nikki Lee (@unbirthdaybakery)
Gerogia McDermott (@georgeats)
Phil Ferguson (@chiliphilly)
Andrea Tamburrini (@anddicted)
… I think you get my point! Haha..

5. Can you share some tips for pulling off really gorgeous icing? 
At the beginning, it was a lot of trial and error, and reading/watching tutorials online! I learnt a large portion of royal icing techniques from cookie queen SweetAmbs! Here is one link

6. Fave stores for buying baking accessories or decorations?
I buy a lot online from a variety of different stores to be honest, haha, but when I need something the current or next day, I go to ‘Cake Deco’ in the Melbourne CBD

Pineapple donuts by Vickie Liu
7. What’s next for you? Anything exciting in the pipeline?
A blog!  I have been putting it off for way too long, but I have finally started working towards it. Rather than just focusing on food and baking, I also want to incorporate elements of design, travel and lifestyle. I will eventually like to run a home bakery full time, but I think I still have so much more to learn to be doing that 24/7!

Additionally, I’m planning to go to Europe for a month or two later this year, which will hopefully inspire and motivate me to creative more exciting projects when I get back!


SO excited to hear a blog is on the horizon for this star. Definitely one to watch.

Fiona x



DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

This week we have the insanely lovely Amy Di Stasio sharing a tutorial with us.  Amy is a designer/craft nerd/party thrower from Melbourne who runs a very cool mobile craft party service called Make Parties which is all about getting kids to use their hands for more than just swiping an iPad. It looks ridiculously fun. Wish I had these types of parties around when I was a kid!

She’s putting macrame to new uses today with this cute little egg project. Such a fun gift idea!

Fiona x


Easter isn’t here yet but I’ve already over-indulged in some serious amounts of chocolatey yummies! Here’s a DIY for all of you who are trying to avoid the call of the sugar gods like me. Let’s make a macrame egg hanger!


  • 8 x 1.5m lengths of coloured cord (Blank Goods have some awesome cord)
  • 1 hollow wooden egg (I got mine from Blank Goods)
  • NON SUGARY TREATS! (small enough to fit inside)
  • Acrylic Paint and a paint brush
  • Sharpie

DIY Macrame Egg HangerDIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 1:

Start by decorating your egg. I painted just the base of mine and then drew some black dots with a Sharpie on the top half. Leave it to dry while you do the next bits.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 2:

Gather the 8 lengths of cord together, making sure that all the ends meet. Fold the group of cords in half.

Tie the loop into one big knot about 8 centimetres down.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

 Step 3:

Separate the loose cords into 4 sections of 4 cords.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

 Step 5:

This is the tricky macrame bit! Grab the left cords and bring them over the centre, and then under the right cords.

Now, bring the right cords under the centre, and up through the loop of the left cords. It should sit on top of the left cords now.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

 Slowly pull the left and right cords tight, also pulling the centre cords down tightly too. Completely close the knot so that it reaches to the top.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Keep going! Repeat the process of left over the centre and under the right, then right under the centre and up through the left loop. Your knot will start to slowly twist around to the right. I did 25 of them.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 6:

Tie a knot the same way you started, using all of the cords, and push it up directly under your line of twisty knots. Pull it tightly.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 7:

Separate the cords into 4 sections of 4 cords again.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Tie a single knot onto the first section about 8 centimetres down. Repeat the process for the other three.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 8:

Take two cords from one section, and two cords from the section next to it, and tie them together a few centimetres down. Repeat around the sections of cords until you have knotted them all.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 9:

Tie a knot using all of the cords a couple of centimetres underneath and pull it tightly.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Half of the leftover cords will be shorter than the other half because of all of the tying knots that we did. Trim the remaining cords into a tassel underneath, and voila! You are doneskies.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Happy Easter! xxx