Fave 5 cute office finds

Hi gang,

I’m still in office-decorating mode (and hope to ride this train for months so get comfy!) and am finding myself in a consistent swing between loving all things cute and colourful, then all things minimal and Country Road-esque. The good thing about decorating offices though is that anything goes really so hoorah – bring it all on! There is such a huge range of quirky office items around these days and lightening the mood mid-work day can only ever be a good thing, so you really should get on board too I say. Here’s a few of my latest faves:

1. Getting foxy with these adorbs pen cups from Shop Dululu

2. Yes you’re seeing correctly, it’s a truck for your washi! Available from a very cute store on Etsy called Minkislove which you need to check out immediately.

3. Calendars are such a fun way to add some happy art to your office walls. This little guy is from Earth Greetings

4. Post-its in the shape of little mushrooms are kind of vital for office productivity. Available from Kikki.k

5. Clearly I’m enjoying foxes lately! New to the Daily Like collection here in Aus, you can now store your files in super cute style.

Have you found any fun new stores for craft or stationery things lately?? I want more!

Fiona x



This month I’m all about making my home office my sanctuary, ready for crafty activities of epic proportions. You know that feeling when you clean your bedroom to perfection and all you want to do is hang out there and lay in the luxury? That’s how I’m feeling about my spare room at the moment – it’s amazing! I moved into a new place last month with a big, lovely spare bedroom so first step this year was buying my pretty new iMac (eeep!) and now it’s all about accessorising, the DIY way… naturally. So expect to see a few posts about office styling in the upcoming months.

I’ve always wanted to doll up some pen cups. It’s one of those simple items that most people have, and also ignore. They’re so easy to give a makeover though so there’s no excuse to keep them plain and boring! I picked up a few sheets of cork from Spotlight a few months ago and it’s finally their time to shine. Cork is really creeping up in popularity lately from cool notebook covers to cork-print cushions and I’m on board, I love it. That and a spray of gold paint and these came up a treat I say. Check below for instructions to make your own, and come back soon as there’s more office ideas in the making!


Products featured in these shots: Gold Eiffel Tower Scissors from Typo, Large Gold Embroidery Scissors from Lincraft, Metal Tea Tin from Victoria’s Basement


  • Pen cups or cylinder containers
  • Craft glue
  • Cork sheets (got mine in a small roll from Spotlight)
  • Gold spray paint (mine is White Knight Super Gold)
  • Tape (masking tape or washi tape will do fine)
  • Scissors and pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Rubber bands
  • Pegs


First things first, you’ll need to pick up some pen cups. I bought a plastic one from Officeworks, and used an old pencil cylinder lid too so the sizes varied. Any cylinder container with a bottom would work well – even a Pringles container cut in half!

Measure the circumference of your pen cups and cut your cork to length. Measure it well because you’ll need to cut it to the exact millimetre. Give yourself an extra inch height so that you can just see cork when they’re finished.

cork and gold pen cup how to

Now to lay out your tape ready for painting. I just used some washi tape I had lying around which worked well and also taped a sheet of paper to protect the rest of the cork. Just be careful not to use a tape that is too tacky as it may damage the cork when you peel it off. Leave some tape over the sides to stick it flat to your surface for painting.

cork and gold pen cup how to

I spray paint I used was White Knight Super Gold and it’s AMAZING. Totally recommend it for spraying literally anything a nice shiny gold.

white knight super gold spray paint

I also definitely recommend placing your cork into a box for spraying to protect your house from over spray (unless gold sparkles on the wall are your thing!)

cork and gold pen cup how to

Give it a few quick coats back and forth and leave to dry for a few minutes before peeling the tape off.

Once the paint is completely dry, apply some of the craft glue to your cup and place on your cork. I just used ordinary white craft glue which worked well but does take a while to dry. Any craft glue work fine if you want to use a quick dry glue. Play with it for a little bit so it’s all nice and lined up then secure it with rubber bands. I recommend putting your cut size to the bottom so the edge on the top is nice and neat.

cork and gold pen cup how to

Also place some glue along the edges of your join where the cork is above your tubes and hold this in place with a peg.

And you’re done.

Don’t you just want to cover everything in cork now? I do!

Fiona x

Products featured in these shots: Gold Eiffel Tower Scissors from Typo, Large Gold Embroidery Scissors from Lincraft, Metal Tea Tin from Victoria’s Basement



Nectar and Stone
Nectar and Stone


Is your mouth watering yet? These beauties are created by the very talented Caroline Khoo of Nectar & Stone - a Melbourne-based dessert designer with a flair for creating utterly gorgeous treats which are usually too pretty to eat. With a whopping 130k+ following on Instagram you might say she’s a bit of a star. She’s on a mission to open the most beautiful cakery in Melbourne and I can only imagine how breathtaking it will be. Really hoping she’ll bring these creations to Sydney next!

I spent a couple of minutes with this clever lady to hear about her journey so far, her plans for the future plus what some of her fave party styling items are of the moment. Thanks for your time, Caroline! What an inspiration.

Fiona x

Tell us a bit about you and your business – how did Nectar and Stone get started and where did you learn to make such beautiful desserts?!

n & s started with a vision of creating edible pieces of art. Its an amalgamation of fashion meets sweets. It started as something small, not intentionally meaning to become a business as such, more a means for me to have some time out and creativity after having two kids. It soon became evident to family and friends that what I was making and in many ways designing should be made for others to enjoy as well. There is no training as such, everything I make is self taught. I have a real passion for food in general. 

Nectar and StoneNectar and Stone


What are your plans for Nectar & Stone in 2015?

2015 will see a cakery for n & s – based in Richmond / Melbourne

Which dessert designers and bakers do you admire?

I love Maggie Beer and Stephanie Alexander, both these ladies demonstrate a love for food and the land. I have learnt so much about growing and planting fruits and vegetables from these two ladies. 

Nectar and Stone

Any advice for budding creatives wanting to start their own business adventure?

My best advice for anyone interested in starting their own business, is first being true to who you are / in your style and in your passion. You also need to be willing to work hard and spend time being a master in your trade. 

What are your fave 5 party items at the moment?

1. Cake Toppers from Glistening Occasions - They are custom made and you can design what you like.

2. Straws from Lark –  I love the colours and designs. They are great to add colour to the table.

3. Party bags and balloons from Poppies for Grace – The balloons are perfect for adding to mini cakes and then large ones to feature on tables. The party bags are colourful and pretty as well.

4. Phantom Chairs from Little Big Company –  I’ve used these a few times before for my tables and also for fashion VIP nights where my chocolates and macarons were featured.

5. Invitations from Wedding Paper Chic - Beautiful custom work designed and perfect for table setups.




Kikki.K  Why Not collectionKikki.K  Why Not collection

It’s a new year and a new start – time to get our lives organised and plan for 2015! Over the Christmas holidays I splurged a little and bought myself a brand spanking new iMac and a big new deliciously crisp white desk for my home office…. I totally couldn’t afford it of course but best decision ever! Feeling nicely motivated to take this blog and some side projects to the next level and more importantly, to decorate my new study!

In perfect timing, kikki.K have just released their new ‘Why Not?’ collection in stores and I’m pretty sure someone has specifically designed it just for me. It’s love! Lots of hand drawn, simple patterns paired with a happy colour combo of pinks, yellow and black – “why not” indeed. Especially loving these pieces:

Kikki.K  Why Not collection

  1. A5 Weekly Diary   2. Adhesive Note Set   3. Small Bowls 3Pk   4. Planner Dashboard Starter Kit   5. Daily Planner Pad

I’ve always been a huge fan of all kikki.K’s collections, but this is definitely one I’ll be stocking up on. This range hit stores this week and you can find it all online here

Do you love it as much as me??

Fiona x


5 awesome DIY ideas for summer

Hi gang!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. The festive season is crazy enough but for some reason I thought it would be a great idea to move house 2 days before flying overseas for Christmas…. whyyyyyy! Gosh moving is a nightmare, next time I’m hiring an army of ninja helpers.

Hope you all had gorgeous Christmas’s with your families. I was lucky enough to jet set over to Fiji with my lover which was ridiculously lovely. Lots of reading, relaxing and Pina Colada-ing, as you do. Can’t beat the feeling of squeaky sand under your toes, sea salt in your hair and nothing to do but chill. To keep the summer buzz going I thought I’d kick off the new year with a few of my fave summery DIY ideas spotted around lately. They’re all super simple and I want to do them allll.

1 – Such a cool vase idea for your summer parties. Carve out the centre of a pineapple and pop a glass inside for your flowers. Check out all of the pics from Sugar & Cloth’s shoot here 

2 – Love this beach bag makeover by The Lovely Drawer – just a bit of paint and some pom pom trim and you have boho awesomeness.

3 – Yep, it’s a giant watermelon cushion thanks to the Frankie blog

4A Pair & a Spare has done it again with this super simple off the shoulder beach dress.

5 – Give your ugly blue and white esky (or “cooler” for the rest of the world!) a makeover with a bit of white paint and contact paper – really love the finished look. Check it out on Almost Makes Perfect

Have you been getting crafty with any summery projects lately? I’d love to hear!

Fiona x


DIY wooden christmas ornamentsDIY wooden christmas ornamentsDIY wooden christmas ornaments

There’s a million different colour directions you could take your Christmas decorating this year, bright colours and crazy patterns are everywhere to be found, but I’ve always been hopelessly in love with simple Scandinavian styling for my home. It’s all about the light wood, gold and white in my house for 2014!

When it comes to wrapping my presents I’ll still stick with colour though. Colourful fun will be had, never you worry. It will be a pom pom, glitter tape, giant bow, too much string-filled frenzy.

These little wooden baubles are ridiculously easy to make, just a few staples and you’re done. I found this wood veener edging tape at Bunnings months ago and use it all the time, like the picture hanger I did here. One of my fave material finds yet – I think I need 5 more rolls! The the beads were another quick and simple addition, picked up online from Light & Co. I toyed with the idea of painting everything, or covering them with stickers, so if colour is your thing this year go for it! A nice craft session to include the kids in too maybe.

Here’s how to make them yourself…


  • Wood veener edging tape – I found mine at Bunnings
  • Scissors
  • Staples
  • Gold string – picked mine up from Lincraft
  • Wood beads from Light & Co


Cut 3 pieces of your veneer tape, all at the same length and stapel them together to form rings

DIY wooden christmas ornaments


Assemble them together with the staples all at the same end – this will be the bottom of your bauble



Tie your string to the top piece of wood. Give it enough string so it hangs nicely on the tree.

DIY wooden christmas ornaments


String up your beads in groups of 3. Just tie a knot at one end and loop at the other

DIY wooden christmas ornaments


All done!

DIY wooden christmas ornaments


Looking for more DIY ornament ideas? Check out my top 15 round up post here