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Sometimes you really can’t beat a pretty notebook for a gift or as a just-because purchase. They give the illusion that you have your life in order when using them at meetings, they look pretty on your bedside table, they make you want to actually do work, they smell good (…or is that just me?)

Here’s a few of my faves at the moment. Hope it encourages you to pick one up and start scribbling down those goals – every successful venture started with a list!

Fiona x

1 Obvious State

2 Dozi

3 Rifle Paper Co

4 Notemaker

5 Sketch Inc

6 Notemaker

7 Not Only Polkadots



DIY wood art hangerDIY wood art hanger

A quick and simple idea for hanging your art prints using just a bit of wood veneer tape. I think it’s a perfect fit for this super pretty XOXO print from Miss Poppy Design – man I love gold foil prints!

I picked up this veneer edging tape from Bunnings and have been racking my brain for something crazy to do with it, but sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that work best. I’ve been meaning to hang some art next to my bed for months so I’m loving how it turned out! I still have metres of the tape left though so who knows, maybe that crazy project will strike me one day soon?… ideas welcome!


  • Veneer edging tape
  • Craft glue
  • String / cord for hanging
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape


Cut 4 veneer pieces to size and glue them together. Sit them under a heavy book so they dry nice and straight.

DIY wood art hanger

I just used double sided tape to hold the strips to the front of the print but if you’re worried about damaging the print you could use a set of thin magnets between 4 finished strips of wood – so that the magnet holds the print in place between two strips.

Then just tie your string to the top piece and hang! I used some gold ribbon cord that I picked up from Lincraft last Christmas. (knew it would come in handy one day!)

DIY wood art hanger

Like my rad wood fabric bedhead? You can find that DIY tutorial here from a while ago too.

Have a good week gang!

Fiona x

Products in the bedroom photo –  Wood stool and vase from Ikea, hugs and kisses foil print from Miss Poppy Design, yellow big spot spot cushion and crosses throw in mint from Aura Home.




Floral Typograohy LoveFloral Typograohy LoveFloral Typograohy Love

Spring has sprung over here and I’m finding myself completely obsessed with floral + leafy typography. What a gorgeous photo idea for your wall or as typography for a creative logo. Ohhh the possibilities! Off to buy 300 bunches of flowers tomorrow.

Hope you have a flower-filled weekend

Fiona x

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diy watermelon table runner tropical party

diy watermelon table runner - tropical party

I was a little inspired by the warm weather on the weekend… can you tell?

I love tropical prints and you just can’t beat a good ole watermelon really.  They’re the perfect happy summer-time motif that makes you want to mix cocktails and eat fat slices of fruit poolside.

I picked up this plain table runner from Super Amart on the weekend (along with majority of the other items in this shot!). I’d never visited one of their stores before but after this visit I’m officially a fan. One of my favourite things is buying affordable items for my house and customising them, so places like this and Ikea and Target etc are my best friends. You really don’t need to spend lots to get a great look in any space, I say invest in a few key pieces and keep the rest low cost.

This table runner is super simple to make for yourself, just a couple of foam stamps made from kids craft foam and a sharpie! All finished and ready for some drinks in the sun in under 2 hours.


Watermelon Table Runner:

  • Table runner from Super Amart
  • Fabric paints
  • Black Sharpie
  • Craft foam
  • Craft glue
  • Block or hard object to glue your stamp onto
  • Sponge applicator (optional)

For the Vase Bunting:

  • Washi tape
  • Scissors


Cut your foam triangle piece to shape and glue it onto your block with craft glue. Let it dry for a while.

Do the same with your curved piece for the green layer. With this one I recommend glueing it right up at the edge so that it’s easy for you to tell where you’re stamping it later.

diy watermelon table runner

Mix up your colour – I just mixed a bit of baby pink, orange and white to get my watermelon colour. Use your sponge dabber to apply a thick coat of paint to your stamp (or just stamp it onto a thin layer of paint carefully). Wipe off any excess that is left on the outside of the stamp.

diy watermelon table runner

Hold your fabric down and pop your stamp on, give it a little push for a few seconds and carefully lift straight up.

diy watermelon table runner

Wait til these areas are all dry before moving onto the next step. If you’re impatient like me you can use a hairdryer to dry them off quicker. Draw on your seeds with a black sharpie then it’s time to stamp on your green shapes. Here’s the stamp I made for that piece..

diy watermelon table runner

I also added some washi tape to the glass vase to give it some pizazz. Just literally cut out some triangles with washi and pop them on. They’re removable too so don’t worry about going crazy with them.

diy watermelon table runner

Boom, job done. Bring on Summer!

Fiona x

diy watermelon table runner - tropical party


Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Super Amart. All photos, content and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make my Craft Hunter journey possible!



Top 8 halloween DIY ideasTop 8 halloween DIY ideas

Halloween is coming up and with it falling on a Friday this year it’s a perfect excuse to get your friends together. It doesn’t need to be all fake guts and chopped off heads though – thank god because that’s definitely not my thing (I can’t even watch the ads for scary movies let alone hang a fake zombie in my house. argh!) I’ve rounded up some of my fave DIY ideas for a stylish spin, so you can enjoy the holiday this year without fearing for your life.

1. Super quick mugs from Sugar & Cloth

2. How have I not thought to use a pineapple before?! Such a clever idea from ASubtleRevelry

3. Funkytime has created the happiest pumpkins you ever did see.

4. Absolutely adorable ghost strawberries by Candiquick

5. Transform your porch lights with vodka skull bottles like this one from Moonshinelamp – genius!

6. Toilet rolls have never looked as cute as these flying bats from Practically Functional

7. Such a gorgeous decorating idea from Holly Chappel via Elizabeth Anne Designs.

8. It’s a fricken pumpkin painted as a donut – enough said! From the donut queen Studio DIY


buttons 3 ways by craft hunterbuttons 3 ways by craft hunterbuttons 3 ways by craft hunter

I’ve not really played around with buttons much, mainly because my sewing skills are limited to square cushions, sometimes with a pocket if I’m feeling fancy. It wasn’t until the team at Daily Like asked me to give buttons a go in 3 different ways that I realised how many different ways these cute little guys can be used and it was super hard to narrow the ideas down to 3! They really can be applied to any form for a cute touch and when used sparingly they don’t need to scream craft nerd (although there’s nothing wrong with that!)

For a step by step tutorial on how to make my paper pinwheel, basket and push pins yourself, head to Daily Like here.

Fiona x