easter tea towel from Craft Hunter for Etsy's blog easter tea towel from Craft Hunter for Etsy's blog

I’ve been lucky enough to be working on a few secret squirrel projects lately including this one for the Etsy team who asked me to contribute an Easter DIY project for their blog. It’s safe to say I was BEYOND excited – anyone who knows me knows I live and breathe Etsy. Feeling very loved up and honored!

It’s a quick and simple one but will make sure you look the part for Easter brunch, or give a personalized gift that kicks butt over the standard choc bunny any day.

Head over to the Etsy AU blog here to see the full tutorial and let me know what you think!

Fiona x

INSTA-JAMMIN’ // SKETCH.INC instagram love

Don’t these pics just make you feel all sweet and fuzzy on the inside? I’m such a fan of pared back, happy styling. I thought I’d start sharing a few of my fave Instagram-ers who are rocking it. Or as I like to call ‘em, Insta-jammers.

My first post is of UK based online store which stock a ridiculously cool range of stationery, homewares and jewellery mostly inspired by geometric shapes and japanese design. It’s all run by Becky Kempe who has been sketching and painting since she was a wee one and carries a sketchbook in her pocket all day every day.  If you dig minimalism, pastel hues and quirky faces, you’ll love them.

Check her out here:  and here:  Etsy store  // Shop  //  Blog

Who are some of your fave instagram-ers?? Fill me in – sharing is caring!

Fiona x


store crush light and co Gosh I really love the people you meet while getting your craft on. The lovely girls from Light & Co are the latest crazy crafters to fall into my inbox and I am in LOVE with their store (and just generally everything about them really). It’s so good to see Aussie brands getting on the modern craft band wagon, and doing it well. There really aren’t enough of these lovely stores down under.

Light & Co was started by Melbourne-based duo, Katrina & Simone in late 2013 after their unhealthy Pinterest habit fueled their crafty obsessions enough to have them discover the huge gap in the Aussie market for a local, one-stop-shop of good quality, affordable craft supplies. I’m rather obsessed with the above strap tapes which make your boxes look like vintage suitcases, the plain wood beads and brooches ready for your painted love, ice cream shaped cards (…yes!) and their metallic copper tape.

You can check them out here - and I’m chuffed to be able to give you guys 10% off until 30th April 2014, just use promo code: CRAFTHUNTER at the checkout.

For inspiration in epic proportions check out their Pinterest boards too, they’re full of DIY ideas for their products.

Fiona x


DIY macrame plant hanger with Macramake

This week I’m buzzed to have the girls from Macramake share an exclusive step by step guide on how to make your own macramé plant hanger! Yah!

Started by Byron Bay friends, Yvette and Miranda, who saw a gap in the market knowing that not everyone has time to craft or source supplies, they put together these awesome, ready-to-go DIY kits with everything you need to make a macramé plant hanger. You’ll just need to pop on the kettle and you’ll be enjoying your crafternoon in no time!

You can pick yourself up one of their kits over at their online shop here:

If you make one using either from their kits or from being adventurous with your own supplies, we’d love to see! Tag @crafthunter on Instagram or join me on Facebook.

Fiona x

Congrats on taking the plunge into the world of macrame!

1. To get started you will need:

  • 4 x pieces of rope approx. 180cm
  • 2 x pieces of rope approx. 30cm
  • 8 x beads (we use 4 large & 4 small but whatever you’ve got is fine. Just remember that you’ll need to thread two pieces of rope through them).
  • 1 x steel hook or keyring
  • OR just pick up a full kit here

DIY macrame plant hanger with Macramake

2. You’ll need to find to find yourself a sturdy hook or nail to hang your masterpiece off while you are making it… or find a super generous friend who will volunteer a finger to be a human hook.

3. Feed the four longer ropes through the ring and position it half way down their lengths. There are now eight ends of rope hanging from the ring – try and even them up if you can.

4. Now you’ll need to tie a loop knot to secure the top of the hanging. Take one of the short pieces of rope and hold it against the front of the ring and ropes.

5. Create a loop with the top of the rope above the metal ring. Then have your loop in front of the four front pieces of rope with the second end of the loop is a lot longer than the other, hanging down below.

6. Take the bottom end and wrap it around the bunch of ropes…It should go around 3-4 times. Make sure you don’t cover the loop you made at the bottom as you need to thread the end through this.

7. Come around the front with your loop end and thread it back through. Holding the wrapped knot tightly against the ropes. Pull the other shorter end of the short rope upwards… The loop at the bottom will be pulled up inside the knot coils. You’ve just made your first wrap knot!

DIY macrame plant hanger with Macramake

8. Group your pieces of rope into twos – usually two pieces next to each other (or the same piece if you can work it out) Take both ends of each rope and push them through a big bead.

9. Push the beads up the rope until they sit about 20cm from the silver hoop, then tie a knot underneath the bead in each bunch of ropes, about 20cm down from your silver ring.

DIY macrame plant hanger with Macramake

10. Now separate each rope. Group a rope from one length with the rope next to it. Knot these together about 10cm down from the first knots.

DIY macrame plant hanger with Macramake

11. Separate the new groups and repeat Step 11 to form a third row of knots another 15cm down the rope (it’s best to come back to the two pieces which you threaded through the bead in the first place)

DIY macrame plant hanger with Macramake

12. Tie another magical wrap knot about 7cm down from the third row of knots. This is the home for your hanging pot or bowl.

13. It’s time to pretty up your tassels. Slide the 4 small beads up a few of the ropes and tie knots in the ends of all your ropes. Then trim them as close to the bottom of the knots as possible.

14. Don’t forget to trim up your wrap knots so that they are nice and neat!

15. Ta-da! To finish find yourself a hangable treat and nestle it in it’s cozy home at above the bottom wrap knot – you can use anything from a potted plant to a fishbowl!

DIY macrame plant hanger with Macramake

 Images and instructions by Macramake for Craft Hunter.


paper feather giftwrap

Just popping in to share the paper feather gift wrap I quickly made today for a special someone’s birthday. It’s got a bit of an Indian vibe, don’t ya think?

Doesn’t take much effort to put together a gift that’s made with love and it makes it SO much more fun to give!

What’s your usual go-to for quick gift wrap?

Fiona x



Store crush - thatch and thistle supply coI’m SO addicted to trawling through Etsy for craft and stationery supplies. It’s like a bottomless pit of awesomeness isn’t it? My latest find is this super cute store, Thatch & Thistle Supply Co. from Texas in the US. They have a really adorable range of crafty supplies like pom pom twine, fun stickers, printed paper straws and blank carnival tickets (…look I’m not sure what I’ll ever use blank carnival tickets for, but I do know I need them!)

Cute right?

Have you come across any cool online stores lately? Share your wisdom with me!

Fiona x



Hola friends!

Just sharing a bit of love for the dot today. I don’t know what it is about these happy little guys, but they can really make any ordinary object so much more fun! and better yet they’re SO easy to do. Just literally dab some paint onto fabric, or draw them onto ceramic with a gold pen – simple simon.

Here’s a few faves that caught my eye this week:

01. Polka Dot Pillowcases by Say Yes

02. Dotted art by With an IE

03. Confetti tablecloth by party-genius, Oh Happy Day

04. Gold Luster Spot Cups available for sale at Luna Lighting

05. Simple spotty glasses from Chelsea at Lovely Indeed on the West Elm blog

Fiona x