5 ways to use creative duct tapes

Following the worldwide washi tape obsession there’s a new big sister in town that’s taking the craft world by storm, creative duct tape! OH yes. It’s basically affordable, giant washi tape and opens up a whole new plethora of project ideas. The Reject Shop have some new ranges in store so I’m pumped to be able to collaborate with them and show you 5 really simple ideas for using this nifty product.

These creative tapes are far less tacky than regular duct tape you’d get from the hardware store, so although this means you can’t use it to fasten heavy items, it does mean they are completely removable and so perfect for places like walls (hello DIY head board) or other pieces you don’t want damaged with grose sticky residue.




diy head board - 5 ways to use creative duct tapes

We’ll start with the VERY simple one. A tape head board might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are after something different this quick idea might do the trick. These tapes from the Reject Shop are low tac so peel off really easily too (great for us renters!)

The design options are endless too – think of the shapes you could make! A city skyline, pointy triangle top, picket fence… have fun with it.

Just be sure to wash down your walls first to get rid of any dust that will prevent the tape from sticking.



5 ways to use creative duct tapes

Following my fabric planter bag tutorial last week, I wanted to show you guys how easy it is to pull of this project with paper too. I gave this one a geometric pattern made from mixed black and white tapes. I’m loving how crazy it all looks against the quirky plant! (side note – ย yes this is totally a fake plant from Ikea – I have a knack for killing any plant in my possession so I am 100% pro-plastic!)

Start by cutting a bunch of triangles in all different shapes and sizes. This was the fun part for me. I cut dozens of them and stuck their corners to the edge of my desk so I could pluck them off as needed. Then just arrange in a crazy manner, leaving about 15cm at the bottom and 20cm at the top.

 5 ways to use creative duct tapes

Tape your two edges together to form a tube like this

 5 ways to use creative duct tapes

Then fold your bottom up by approx 12cm (there is no rule to this measurement, just have a play depending on how big you’ve made your tube)

 5 ways to use creative duct tapes

Then you want to fold in the two edges to form a diamond like this

 5 ways to use creative duct tapes

Then fold down the top and bottom to the centre and tape down with sticky tape, then cover with a piece of the duct tape

 5 ways to use creative duct tapes

Now when you’re folding down the top, it’s easier if you squeeze the the neck of the bag as you roll down. It’s going to get crinkly and some triangles may semi-come off but embrace the mess, you’re going to tidy it all up later. Roll down 2-3 times until it’s at a height you want.

 5 ways to use creative duct tapes

Now just tidy up your triangles and add some extras to cover the back seam.

Fill with nic nacs or a plant. If you’re using a real plant be sure to pop a little plastic bag around your pot plant so any water drips are caught and don’t damage your paper.



5 ways to use creative duct tapes

This has got to be the easiest bunting tutorial you’ll ever see. Really cute idea for hanging around the home.

Just snip off a piece of tape about 15cm long. Fold around the 5cm mark. I started by pressing a finger in the middle at the bottom and flattening it outwards. If you’re having trouble lining it up just peel it back and start again. You can always just snip off any accidental over hang too – it doesn’t matter as you only see the front anyway!

 5 ways to use creative duct tapes

Snip the end to be a point or two points. then pop your piece of string across the top and just fold down the rest to secure it.

 5 ways to use creative duct tapes



 5 ways to use creative duct tapes

I hung my mini bunting behind my computer in my study so decided to match it with some drawer pulls on the wooden Ikea drawers I have. They look ridiculously cute and loving the patterns against the light wood. Why haven’t I tried coordinating things more often!

Follow the same steps as above to make your little pointed flag, and just pop it onto the drawer. I kept mine nice and secure with super glue. Any strong glue will work like E6000 too. 5 ways to use creative duct tapes



diy chevron serving board -  5 ways to use creative duct tapes

I picked up this rustic wood serving board on my last trip to The Reject Shop and always wanted to decorate it somehow but wasn’t sure how, as I wanted it to be washable. Luckily thanks to this tape being removable you can put whatever shape you want and just throw it out when your’e done! You could write a word, give it an all over print, or do as I did and give it a chevron pattern.

There’s two ways of going about this chevron design. Either cut out a stencil out of scrap paper, place on the non-sticky side of your tape and cut around it with scissors, or you can do as I did and place the tape straight onto the board and cut your design out with a stanley knife and ruler. It is a chopping board after all!

 5 ways to use creative duct tapes 5 ways to use creative duct tapes


Disclaimer: This DIY project has been sponsored by The Reject Shop. All opinions and content are my own and I only ever work with brands I feel are a fab fit for the blog. Thank you for supporting the brands that make my Craft Hunter journey possible!


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      Hi Jo, I believe there a few other designs but you’ll have to pop into your local store to check :)

    • Fiona Michelon says

      Thank you! Glad you like :) They don’t sell things online I’m afraid so you’ll need to go into an actual store.

  1. judith fletcher says

    love some of your ideas. got some duck tape from USA ages ago. want some ideas to use it on. thanks for hints. judith f.

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