confetti leaf gift wrap idea from Craft Hunter blogconfetti leaf gift wrap idea from Craft Hunter blog

I have an issue when it comes to throwing away my random offcuts from previous projects and today was one of those awesome moments where I could justify it to myself because I finally put some to use – hoorah!

I wanted to make something bright and happy to decorate a special present, and with a bit of sticky tape and hole punched scrap paper, I got just that. In true Fiona style this project is super easy and literally takes less than 5 minutes – so there’s no excuse to give a boring gift. Actual confetti would of course work splendidly too, or a fun collection of cut up shapes… or chunky glitter!

To make some confetti leaves yourself:

  • Lay out a few pieces of sticky tape, sticky side up. Make them slightly overlap eachother so you create a bit of a sheet
  • Sprinkle on your confetti goodness (mine are just from a standard hole punch)
  • Layer more tape on top, sticky side down
  • Cut your leaf shape and you’re done.

Few action shots below for you too.

Do you like??

Fiona x

confetti leaf gift wrap idea from Craft Hunter blog



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