CREATE by Dunne with Style CREATE by Dunne with Style

Once in a while someone comes up with a creative business idea that combines a few of my absolute favourite things and it’s like all my Christmas’s have come at once. The Create boxes by Dunne With Style is one of those. A quarterly subscription box filled full of gorgeous craft goodies that are curated by leading Australian creatives, plus you get a limited edition piece of work from the designer. I know, I told you, genius.

Samantha Dunne is the brains behind this new creative venture, a blogger, stylist and also the owner of The Creative Exchange project. She was driven from a desire to be able to connect creative artists and the audience that not only loves their work, but is inspired by their entire style and ethos. “I wanted give people the opportunity to not only be inspired by the work of our creative idols but to receive a tactile box of products selectively curated to inspire you to get creating.” Says Sam.

CREATE by Dunne with Style

The first Create box is curated by Laura Blythman and Gemma Patford is currently curating box #2 (on sale here I’m a huge fan of both of these ladies so 10 points to Sam for picking such great collaborations!

I was lucky enough to receive one of these glorious boxes this month and let me tell you it’s as every bit exciting as you’d hope. I have an epic cupboard of craft supplies already so was wrapped to find a lot of beautiful quality items that I’d never even seen before. Having all of the supplies ready to go in one box was a refreshing change from my normal craft chaos too!

Here’s some snaps of the project I made from the Laura Blythman box..

create box wall hanging create box wall hanging

Ain’t she cute?? Few tutorial shots for you below on how it was made too.

If your partial to a bit of craft time I highly recommend you check it all out here: 

Fiona x

create box wall hangingcreate box wall hanging (2 of 7)create box wall hanging (3 of 7)create box wall hangingcreate box wall hanging


Top 3 images by CatherineGrace for Dunne With Style. Project and tutorial images by Craft Hunter.



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