DIY: Felt Ball Christmas Wreath

Did you know there’s only 13 weeks left until Christmas? Yup… it’s true, and with that knowledge, I’m deciding that it’s not too early to start posting fun Christmas decorating and gift ideas – yay!

DIY Felt Ball Christmas Wreath via Craft HunterImage via Real Living

DIY Felt Ball Christmas Wreath via Craft HunterImage from Pickles

I’ve been eyeing off these whimsy-style pompom Christmas wreath projects for a while now so I’m excited to share it as one of my first Christmas posts. It’s super easy too, just pick up a cheap wicker or styrofoam wreath from a budget store then cover with felt balls (or regular pompom balls) using small drops from the hot glue gun. If you want to re-use the balls after Christmas, just pin them to the styrofoam using dressing pins.

I’ve found some great online stores for felt balls herehere and here


  1. says

    Oh that’s so cute … I love making Christmas crafts too – I’ve been collecting pine cones and wine corks for months now. I’m so glad you are posting on Christmas already – I’ve been banned speaking about it at home until Halloween is over :)

    • Fiona Michelon says

      Hi Penny, If you don’t have a hook large enough to just sit your wreath on, I would pin or glue some ribbon to the back to create a loop.


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