DIY gold terrarium hangersdiy-gold-terranium-4DIY gold terrarium hangers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and that means another excuse to craft up a gift! Hoorah! Sometimes there might not be enough time for a big craft project, but don’t let that stop you from making something special for Mum this year. You can always up-cycle a plain item and personalise it your own way.

Planters are always a good option for gift giving. They’re easy to transform with a bit of paint and you can never have too many really. I was pretty happy to find these cool glass hanging terrariums in different sizes from The Reject Shop for a bargain from only $6 each.  They’re faux plants too so mess free and no need to water – winning!

I gave mine a makeover with some gold spray paint and a gold pen, plus added some white rope and a big wood bead. Loving the end result and think I need to make another set for my bedroom now! Definitely recommend checking out your local discount stores like The Reject Shop for some affordable goodies to add a personal touch to – you’ll be surprised what DIY ideas you might come up with!



  • 3 Glass Terrarium Hangers from The Reject Shop
  • White rope (got mine from Bunnings)
  • Large wooden beads from Light&Co
  • Gold spray paint
  • Gold marker
  • Painters tape
  • Scrap paper or cling wrap
  • Craft glue (or superglue or a hot glue gun)
  • Cardboard box for spraying into (or a big outdoor space!)


DIY gold terrarium hangers



I went with a different design for each planter. One with a “dipped” paint look, one with a scalloped edge, and one with a dot and crosses pattern. For the dipped-look one, tape off your section then tape a piece of paper or cling wrap on top so that the rest of the planter is protected. I used just Scotch washi tape which actually worked fine, but if you have painters tape I would recommend this first.



This is the gold paint I use. White Night Super Gold. Picked it up from Bunnings and I totally recommend it for a nice, chrome-y gold finish.

white knight super gold spray paint

For the scalloped edge, I used large round stickers then covered the rest with cling wrap. Make sure your stickers are pressed down properly, and that you fill your hole with cling wrap so that no paint gets in there either.



I definitely recommend spraying inside a big cardboard box so that you don’t accidentally end up with a gold house. I placed my planters on a cup to make it easier but you can just hold too.

Tip – when you spray your scalloped one, hold with the point facing up so that the paint doesn’t accidentally get underneath the stickers. As these stickers aren’t meant for protecting against paint the edges can easily bleed. Spray with a downwards motion and you should be fine.



Leave to dry well and remove the tape and paper. Any little spilled areas, just clean up with a tissue and methylated spirits (or even nail polish remover if you don’t have the proper stuff!)

The patterened planter is easy, just draw away with a gold marker! This is the one I used but any metallic gold marker will work fine.



Feed your rope through your bead, through the top of your planter and then back into the bead. Fasten with a dob of glue inside the bead to secure.

Tip – if your rope starts to fray when you’re trying to feed it through, cut it fresh and apply some clear nail polish (or glue) to the end and let it dry.



Ready to gift wrap ready for Mum (or to hang!)

Fiona x


Disclaimer: This DIY project has been sponsored by The Reject Shop. All opinions and content are my own and I only ever work with brands I feel are a fab fit for the blog. Thank you for supporting the brands that make my Craft Hunter journey possible!


diy-gold-terranium-3DIY gold terrarium hangers


    • Fiona Michelon says

      Hi Lily,
      Sorry for my late reply!
      I have mine hanging in a protected area but if you’re planning on hanging with access to the elements I would use an outdoor spray paint to make it stronger. I would also opt for plastic hangers instead of glass so that they don’t break when colliding if there is wind :)


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