DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

This week we have the insanely lovely Amy Di Stasio sharing a tutorial with us.  Amy is a designer/craft nerd/party thrower from Melbourne who runs a very cool mobile craft party service called Make Parties which is all about getting kids to use their hands for more than just swiping an iPad. It looks ridiculously fun. Wish I had these types of parties around when I was a kid!

She’s putting macrame to new uses today with this cute little egg project. Such a fun gift idea!

Fiona x


Easter isn’t here yet but I’ve already over-indulged in some serious amounts of chocolatey yummies! Here’s a DIY for all of you who are trying to avoid the call of the sugar gods like me. Let’s make a macrame egg hanger!


  • 8 x 1.5m lengths of coloured cord (Blank Goods have some awesome cord)
  • 1 hollow wooden egg (I got mine from Blank Goods)
  • NON SUGARY TREATS! (small enough to fit inside)
  • Acrylic Paint and a paint brush
  • Sharpie

DIY Macrame Egg HangerDIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 1:

Start by decorating your egg. I painted just the base of mine and then drew some black dots with a Sharpie on the top half. Leave it to dry while you do the next bits.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 2:

Gather the 8 lengths of cord together, making sure that all the ends meet. Fold the group of cords in half.

Tie the loop into one big knot about 8 centimetres down.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

 Step 3:

Separate the loose cords into 4 sections of 4 cords.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

 Step 5:

This is the tricky macrame bit! Grab the left cords and bring them over the centre, and then under the right cords.

Now, bring the right cords under the centre, and up through the loop of the left cords. It should sit on top of the left cords now.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

 Slowly pull the left and right cords tight, also pulling the centre cords down tightly too. Completely close the knot so that it reaches to the top.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Keep going! Repeat the process of left over the centre and under the right, then right under the centre and up through the left loop. Your knot will start to slowly twist around to the right. I did 25 of them.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 6:

Tie a knot the same way you started, using all of the cords, and push it up directly under your line of twisty knots. Pull it tightly.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 7:

Separate the cords into 4 sections of 4 cords again.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Tie a single knot onto the first section about 8 centimetres down. Repeat the process for the other three.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 8:

Take two cords from one section, and two cords from the section next to it, and tie them together a few centimetres down. Repeat around the sections of cords until you have knotted them all.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Step 9:

Tie a knot using all of the cords a couple of centimetres underneath and pull it tightly.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Half of the leftover cords will be shorter than the other half because of all of the tying knots that we did. Trim the remaining cords into a tassel underneath, and voila! You are doneskies.

DIY Macrame Egg Hanger

Happy Easter! xxx


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