diy mini cake shop gift boxdiy mini cake shop gift box

Hi guys!

I made some lil gift boxes this weekend that look like mini cake shops as a gift for a friend.  They look like something straight out of Alice in Wonderland don’t you think?

Would be a really fun gift for your guests at a party or wedding, or just as little thank you gifts for some favourite people. Nice and easy to make and only needs a few basic supplies so wouldn’t be tricky to do in large quantities. I’m now desperately wishing I still had big over the top birthday parties as an adult, complete with take away lolly bags – those lolly bags were the best!!

Supplies needed:

  • Large macaron boxes from PACKQUEEN – they have a window at the front so are perfect for a lil shopfront look
  • Yellow washi tape. I got mine from Made590Etsy also have loads
  • Plain paper
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

How to:
Trim an A5 piece of plain paper to match the width of your macaron box.

diy mini cake shop gift box by Craft Hunter

Add your yellow washi tape stripes going lengthwise on the paper. You could measure it out so the gaps are perfect, but I just winged it. Trim the excess washi off.

diy mini cake shop gift box by Craft Hunter

Start at the bottom of your box, tape your paper to the bottom.

 diy mini cake shop gift box by Craft Hunter

Fold the paper around the back bottom corner of the box and fasten the back section with sticky tape that has been folded over to make double sided tape. Place the tape close to the edges so it sits nice and flush.

diy mini cake shop gift box by Craft Hunter

Make a crease line at the top back corner of your box, and now you just want to play around with the height and position of your roof’s point. I did it by loosely holding it in place, making a tiny pinch mark on one side then with a ruler I measured the exact same distance from the fold line on the other side, so the roof’s point was perfectly even.

diy mini cake shop gift box by Craft Hunter

Now you want to decide how low you want your awning to sit over the shop window. I did it by making a small pencil mark on the underside so I knew where the front top corner of the box sat, then went with 2cm from that point.  Flip the box over and measure it up on the underside.

diy mini cake shop gift box by Craft Hunter

Sketch out your awning scallop shape so it’s in line with the stripes of your washi. Cut it out with scissors or an Xacto knife if you prefer

diy mini cake shop gift box by Craft Hunter

Now all you need to do is fasten the front piece to the corner with a tiny piece of sticky tape that’s been rolled up to make it double sided. (I’m sure double sided tape would be nice and handy but I didn’t have any and sticky tape is nice and thin too!)

diy mini cake shop gift box by Craft Hunter

I added an extra piece of washi around the bottom of the shop for funzies too.

Once you’ve done one, you can take it off the box to use as a template for fold lines etc making the other a million times quicker.

Seeeee! I told you it’s pretty simple. I now have a nagging feeling to put little awnings on every square item I have lying around now. They’re just too cute!

Would love to know if you ever make one, or have tried something similar!

Fiona x

diy mini cake shop gift box

Disclaimer: This DIY project is in collaboration with PACKQUEEN. All opinions and content are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Craft Hunter possible!


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