diy wood fabric headboard by craft hunterdiy wood fabric headboard by craft hunter

Check out the newest addition to my bedroom! All thanks to a trip to Ikea over the weekend where I spotted this fab new wood-look fabric. I’ve wanted a headboard for my room for ages now and have had to rack my brain for a rent-friendly idea which didn’t involve screwing it to the wall.

I actually only picked up a metre of this fabric on Saturday as I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. Naturally as soon as I got home I decided on a bed head and had to have it in my life immediately, so a quick boyfriend food bribe later and back off to Ikea we went.

I love those moments when you are really excited about a new DIY project and you can’t wait to get it finished! I was like a loopy kid jacked up on sugar. I had some polyester pin board left over from a previous headboard project flop, so the process was crazy simple. If you have some sheets of MDF this would also work a charm and I’d recommend gluing a layer of padding or extra fabric to soften it up a tad before putting the wood fabric in place.


  • Lisel Fabric from Ikea (I have a king bed so bought 2.5 metres)
  • Polyester pin board (also known as acoustic board – I got mine from Bunnings) or sheets of MDF to fit the width of your bed.
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  • Staple Gun


First step – Measure out your headboard width and cut your wood or pin board to size. I went just 10cm wider than my bed, so 5cm either side. The pinboard I purchased was 1200 x 800mm so I left the height as is and trimmed the width of each board.

Step 2 – Iron your fabric

diy wood fabric headboard by craft hunter

Step 3 – Measure and draw a straight line down the top of your headboard wood/pinboard on the back. Use this line to check your fabric design is straight. The wood design has a nicely annoying pattern with vertical lines so it’s important it lines up well when finished or your headboard is going to look a wee bit drunk

diy wood fabric headboard by craft hunter

Step 4 – Tape your fabric down in place, keeping it a little taught.

diy wood fabric headboard by craft hunter

Step 5 – Now you can get to work with the staple gun. Start at the top over your taped section. Be sure to keep it nice and straight and staple around 5cm from the edge, every 10cm or so.

Step 6 – After the top is secure, start on a top corner and work your way down a side.  Pull it tight before each staple and watch that the design looks straight.

Step 6 – Now you can staple the bottom edge. Be sure to really give it a good pull and make it nice and tight. Then do the same with the final edge.

Step 7 – Pop it behind your bed! The mattress itself is enough to hold it in place fine and I just left it resting on the floor, but if you’re keen to secure it properly you could use some 3M velcro back strips too which are also rent-friendly as they peel write off.

diy wood fabric headboard by craft hunter

Has a real Scando feel don’t you think?

Really excited by this fabric and kind of want to put it on everything. If you use it in a project, or make your own headboard, please make sure you let me know by tagging me on instagram – I want to see! @crafthunter

Fiona x

diy wood fabric headboard by craft hunter


  1. says

    This is brilliant! I’ve always wanted a headboard that looked like wood but to be honest, I HATE working with wood. This is just too perfect to be real. Thank you a million times!

  2. says

    Awesome project! That fabric really does look like wood … I’m betting that this would be more comfortable than the real thing though! ^___^

  3. Elizabeth says

    Love this headboard! I am so excited to give this a go but I have searched high and low for polyester pin board, even on the website of that store where you said you bought it, and can’t find it anywhere! Any clue what else it may be called of where else I can find it? Thanks!

    • says

      Oops– thought of another question! When you answer about the dimensions of the headboard, would you mind telling me roughly how much fabric you needed to cover it? Thanks!!!

      • Fiona Michelon says

        Hi there. I have a king size bed so I bought 2.5 metres – really depends on the width of your bed and how wide you want your bedhead to overhang. The height of the fabric is 1.5 metres and the pinboard was 1.2 metres tall so I left as is and it’s rested on the floor. Hope that helps! x

  4. Alyson says

    I love the look & I’m eager to try it out. Where can you find the polyester pin board?…And is it cheaper than MDF?

    • Fiona Michelon says

      Hi Alyson, I just picked it up from Bunnings but I know most major hardware stores stock it and sometimes it’s called Acoustic Board. MDF would be much cheaper and if you were to cover the wood with a layer of wadding this would work just as well :)

    • Fiona Michelon says

      definitely! I would add a layer of wadding or fabric first maybe just to protect the foam and make it nice and soft.

    • Fiona Michelon says

      It’s commonly known as acoustic pinboard I think. If you do a google search you’ll see what I mean. I picked mine up just from a hardware store (Bunnings in Sydney)

      • Fiona Michelon says

        I saw it in the Tempe, Sydney store a little while ago so I believe they’ll still have some. You could call if in doubt! :)

    • Fiona Michelon says

      Hi Nora, I’d say it was under $100 total and you could definitely make it for under $50 if you use sheets of wood and padding instead of the pin board material I used. :)

    • Fiona Michelon says

      Thanks Nancy! The wood fabric I got from Ikea was this colour already :) If you’re using natural wood you can definitely find some grey timber stains from the hardware store though. x

    • Fiona Michelon says

      Hi David sorry for the late reply! I don’t think they still stock it unfortunately but you could try eBay and search woodgrain print fabric. :)


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