EASY DIY GARLAND WITH STRAWEasy DIY garland from straws

Party garlands are probably one of my favourite things to make. They’re so easy and make such a fun impact to a room immediately. I always have at least one hanging on my wall in my study – awesome way to add a bit of happy colour. If I had kids they would definitely be drowning in cute garlands for their bedrooms!! (somebody lend me their kids please?)

My latest one has to be the easiest and cheapest garland I’ve done yet. 1 packet of Sommarfint straws from Ikea for $1.99 and you’re good to go. Love this cute colour combo too – gosh Ikea just get me!


So you just want to section your straw into 3 pieces, leaving one side about 2cm bigger than the rest. Make two corners like this…

Easy DIY garland from straws

With your longest section now left over, squish the tip a little so that you can smoosh it into the other end….

Easy DIY garland from straws

Then just push it in the whole way so it’s nice and snug…

Easy DIY garland from straws

With your next triangle, just hoop it through the first before closing it up! The straws stay in place pretty well but if you’re hanging it outside in the wind or just want extra strength for long term, put a bit of glue in each piece before closing it up.

1 packet of these straws should make you around 4 metres of garland. Plenty of length to dangle it across a room from the ceiling or a few layers on a wall. You could even get a bit fancy and hang a cluster of them from some helium balloons! (…damn it why didn’t I think of that earlier!)

Have a great week ahead, friends.

Fiona x

Easy DIY garland from strawsEASY DIY GARLAND WITH STRAW


    • Fiona Michelon says

      oh yay! I have the opposite problem – I buy everything I like at Ikea! It’s becoming quite an issue hah. x

    • Fiona Michelon says

      Hi Alison,

      Glad you like the garlands! Any straight straw (without the bendy bit at the top) will work fine for this project, you should hopefully be able to find some at your local store, or try Ebay or Etsy.com maybe who can deliver some to you :)


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