Thought I’d pop in to quickly share some fave pics that have caught my attention lately. When it comes to colour combos and shapes I’m always inspired by the most random things. Hope you enjoy and it gives you a similar creative kick up the butt.

Fiona x

table runners a sunny afternoonGeo print table runners by US based brand A Sunny Afternoon (also the brains behind the Smitten Studio Blog)

designlovefest max wagnerLOVE this happy photo shoot by Design Love Fest with Amy Merrick and one of my fave photographers Max Wanger

a2 cupboardJust love the leather scallop detail on this cupboard from Swedish designers, A2

Memphis_Collage Emily GreenWatercolour and texture goodness in this Memphis Totem print from Emily Green

 Tess Ritchie collageHow great is this photo collage made by my lovely friend & blogger Tess Ritchie over at The Stoop blog

dacian-groza-costa-nova-do-pradoCRAZY cute houses in Portugal shot by Dacian Groza


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