Transform a bench seat into a cute planter standdiy-bench-seat-white-chair-outdoors-superamart

Up until last week, all plants which came into contact with my balcony were on the extinction list. It seems Ella our puppy has discovered they taste rather great and was slowly destroying them until they were ready to completely give up on life. It was time to get myself a planter stand and naturally I had to put my own DIY touch on something as a store bought one will never do!

If found this Kimberley bench seat from Super Amart which is meant for high bar tables so is the perfect height for a planter stand. It’s super solid too so will easily hold lots of bigger plant pots.

Transform a bar bench seat into a planter stand

With a lick of white paint and a scallop edging addition, I turned it into a super cute little planter stand which has kept my balcony looking very organised and safe from the wrath of Ella.

A really fun weekend DIY project which is still simple enough that anyone can do it. It’s simply making over an existing bench – no power tools or mess here folks!

Watch my video below to see how to make one for yourself

Fiona x


Transform a bench seat into a cute planter stand

Products featured:

White Joy Chairs, Indigo Vase,  Hermosa Cushion, White Potted Tall Plant, White Vase, Coastal Decorations – all available from Super Amart

Plants and mint green planter pot available from Bunnings, Monstera Leaf and Glass Cloche from Freedom, Aqua Throw Blanket from Kmart, Paper Lanterns from The Reject Shop.

Photos and Video shot by Esperanza Creative

Concept and styling by Fiona Michelon

This post is in collaboration with Super Amart


DIY Leather gift wrap bowDIY Leather gift wrap bow

When you’re giving a loved one a really special gift, sometimes the usual paper tags and twine don’t quite cut it. You need something that screams “this is one luxurious present dude, get excited!!”  Well with a few leather scraps and a hot glue gun I’m going to show you how the make a leather gift wrap bow which will ooze luxury.

Not just a great gift topper, they make gorgeous Christmas decorations for future too!

This project is super simple, takes about 15 minutes all up and can be made with all sorts of other materials like felt, paper, fabric etc. But nothing really beats the look and feel of soft leather does it?


  • Leather
  • Craft Knife
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Double sided tape for attaching to the gift


You’ll need 7 strips of leather all together, all about 2cm wide:

3 strips at 21cm

3 strips at 19cm

1 strip at 10cm

I started by cutting long strips of my leather at 2cm wide then cut into the correct lengths.


When they’re all cut, lay the leather nice side facing down, mark the centre and pull one end around to the middle like the below. Pop some hot glue underneath and press the leather piece on top.


With your other end pull the leather in the opposite direction to the middle, so you’re left with an 8 shape and glue in place.


Don’t pull it the same direction or you’ll be left with pretzel shape like this which will get you into a right pickle.


Do this with all of your pieces except for the one 10cm piece. Your 10cm piece just needs to be looped into a ring like this:


Now to put it all together! Start with the three larger pieces. Place one horizontally in front of you. Then place the other two in a cross shape on top of this straight line. It should look like this:


Now for your other 3 pieces. Stack them in different positions til you’re left like this:


Now to glue on the ring. Face this in the opposite direction of the last two rings.


To fasten to you gift, add a square of double sided tape to the bottom.


Pretty cute huh??

Fiona x

DIY Leather Gift Wrap Bow


Travel Notebook Gift IdeaTravel Notebook Gift Idea

Following on from my recent gift of creativity post, where I gifted my sis the tools to create a DIY travel notebook, I’m stoked to be able to offer one $100 Officeworks gift card giveaway to my lovely readers. Now you can compile your own creative gift pack for someone you love this Christmas!

All you need to do to enter is comment below this blog post, telling me what gift of creativity you would like to give this year, who you would give it to and why?

Would you inspire your sis to make a customised notebook like me? Give a craft set to your mum? Or, maybe a watercolour paint kit to a friend?! Tell me below and you could win $100 to spend in Officeworks.

Competition closes at 12 noon Sydney time, Friday, 18th December. A winner will be picked at random and notified via email (be sure to add your email in the email field when you comment!)

Good luck!

Fiona x

This post is in collaboration with Officeworks


Travel Notebook Gift Idea

I’d say list making and all things stationery are near the top of my life’s-little-pleasures list. You can’t deny the moment you get to start a new notebook is a glorious one. It smells amazing, like when you buy a new novel, and it just sits there all perfectly crisp and untouched, ready for your written words.

Over recent years I’ve taken my note scribbling to even new heights, with fun accessories like multi-coloured pens, stickers and novelty Post it notes. It’s like once you start noticing and enjoying these things, Pandora’s Box opens up and you start spotting new additions for your stationery drawer, EVERYWHERE. Gold staplers, cork notebooks, fruit shaped erasers, copper pen cups and bike shaped paper clips!

In line with my stationery obsession, I’ve partnered with Officeworks this Christmas to give the gift of creativity to a loved one. I’ve decided to share my love for crafty note-making and give the gift of creativity to my little sis, who is currently travelling the globe.

I recently visited Officeworks to buy all the tools she needs to start her own travel journal including:

The Otto A5 Journal

Assorted Tailored Decorative Stickers

Yoobi Metallic Gel Pens

Tailored Adhesive Decorative Pockets

Arrow Label Stickers

Tailored Decorative Paper Clips

Travel Notebook Gift Idea

I’ve given the notebook a little personalising with an intro page including a photo of us and a love letter. I’ve scattered some more pics throughout with little notes, just to keep her inspired and feeling loved during her journey!

Travel Notebook Gift Idea

I’ve also added some pockets to the back of the book filled with fun stickers for her to use herself when she’s ready to get creative. Plus, my gift wouldn’t be complete without metallic pens and cute paperclips too!

Travel Notebook Gift Idea

If you’re planning on doing the same for a loved one, don’t forget to add a personal touch before giving your goodies – it adds so much more to the gift! You could also watercolour some designs onto the pages, draw an illustration of something memorable or even decorate the outside of the notebook too.

However you pull your creative gift together, I’m sure your loved one will be thrilled with a handmade, thoughtful gift this season. It sure beats the usual choccies and undies! I can’t wait for my sis to open her gift and start filling her notebook with memories.

I’d love to see what creative ideas you come up with for your own family and friends this Christmas. If you make anything with Officeworks goodies share your gifts of creativity with the hashtag #creativegifting so I can see!


This post is in collaboration with Officeworks


Boho Christmas Picture ChandelierDIY boho xmas picture hangingDIY boho xmas picture hanging

One thing I definitely don’t have enough of around home are photos of all my family and friends. Isn’t it kind of crazy that we all basically have a camera in our pocket 24/7 these days and take the most amazing photos all the time but we don’t print a single photo to display around home like our parents did? I don’t even share them on social media anymore, they just sit in my phone for me to browse one day when I’m feeling bored. Ridiculous!

Good news for all you lazy folk like me who have had this realization too but are still too busy to do anything about it! I’ve discovered the KODAK MOMENTS app which is free to download and allows you to get pics printed and posted to your home straight from your smart phone, or you can wirelessly transfer photos from your phone to a KODAK Picture Kiosk.. So much easier than the days of USB files! You can edit your pics before printing too, add filters, crop sizes etc.

Along with putting a bunch of pics in frames around home, I decided to incorporate some printed photos of my family into my Christmas decorating this year. With my family living interstate in Adelaide (and overseas too now that my little sis is travelling the globe for the next year!), it makes putting up the Chrissy decorations even more special.

I’ve gone with a minimal, boho decorating theme this year, with lots of white, glass, feathers and silver/gold, so this picture hanging fits perfectly above my console table! You could definitely opt for a completely different look using the same technique though, and the options are totally endless for things you can hang along with your photos – pom poms, paper snowflakes, gift tags, tinsel, fabric bows or matching decorations from your tree!

Check out my guide below for making your own, and when you go to get your pics printed I have a discount code for you! Just enter CH30OFF at the checkout to receive 30% off. If you don’t want the pics posted out, you can visit one of their Wi-Fi enabled KODAK Picture Kiosks. Use the KODAK MOMENTS App to find your closest printing destination.

Download the app here for iOS and android.


  • 30cm embroidery hoop
  • String
  • Baubles and other decorations
  • Mini pegs
  • Scissors
  • Printed photos


Start by cutting two equal lengths of string and tie them to opposite ends of the hoop for hanging. Hang this on a hook somewhere so you can start adding decorations.

DIY boho xmas picture hangingDIY boho xmas picture hanging

Tie pieces of string (or bobbly yarn line mine! – just picked this up from The Reject Shop, I’ve seen it at lots of craft stores too) in various lengths around the hoop. Some around 50cm some around 30cm. Mix it up and just trim as you go until you’re happy with the way it all sits.

DIY boho xmas picture hanging

I picked up these empty glass baubles from Lincraft and filled them with white feathers to go with my boho look. Hang these extra ornaments with plain white string.

DIY boho xmas picture hanging

I also hung feathers on their own. Just tie string to one end of the feather.

DIY boho xmas picture hanging

Trim your photos to size and peg to your existing strings. I just went for a square look because I liked how it had a bit of a Polaroid feel, but you could try cutting them into circles or stars too.

DIY boho xmas picture hanging

all done!

DIY boho xmas picture hangingDIY boho xmas picture hangingDIY boho xmas picture hanging


Photos and concept by Fiona Michelon 
Terms and Conditions:
Use the promotion code CH30OFF during the checkout process to get 30% off your next order of prints, enlargements and shipping using the KODAK MOMENTS Mobile App (iOS or Android platforms). Offer is valid on qualifying orders placed from 12am Tuesday 10th November, 2015 AEDST through 11:59pm Monday 21st December, 2015 AEDST in and to Australia only. Offer is valid for ship to home orders only. Discount off whole order including cost of products and GST and shipping. Offer not available with other products or offers.  Limit one offer per customer.   If you do not comply with these offer terms you may have to reimburse Kodak Alaris Australia Pty Ltd the cost of the shipping and any reasonable costs. This offer may be suspended or cancelled at any time.
Disclaimer: This DIY project has been sponsored by Kodak Alaris. All opinions and content are my own and I only ever work with brands I feel are a fab fit for the blog. Thank you for supporting the brands that make my Craft Hunter journey possible!



DIY Gold Leaf Table Runner Christmas Styling, Pink gold and whiteDIY Gold Leaf Table Runner Christmas Styling, Pink gold and whiteDIY CHRISTMAS CUTLERY HOLDER

Have you guys noticed that DIY Christmas decorating is even bigger this year?? Pretty much every major store has been embracing the big ‘maker movement’, bringing out lots of crafty items, but it seems Christmas has taken things to a whole new level. There are SO many cool craft supplies for sale!  It’s my dream come true. What I’m loving most is that they’re really targeting those of us who enjoy quick and easy crafts.

Table runners and table cloths are a good place to start if you’re keen to try your hand at some DIY touches and The Reject Shop have some awesome sheets of metallic table cloth paper-y material which are great for cutting into any shape you like. Perfect for a quick craft sesh.

The colour combo I’ve chosen for Christmas at my house this year is a minimal look of white, gold and light pink. It’s a soft and girly look so I wanted to take this one step further and mix it with some pretty leaf designs and came up with this little table runner. Not only for Christmas – would look really cool for any type of party table really!

Check out my video here to see how I’ve put this this table together, or follow my quick guide below!


  • Table cloth material from The Reject Shop
  • Pen
  • Scissors

diy gold leaf table runner


Draw your leaf shapes onto the back of the material. Keep a stem about 1-2 cm wide all the way along

diy leaf table runner

Cut it out as one connected piece

diy gold leaf table runner

Place on your table and start styling!  I found these gold placemats, ribbon and tree star at The Reject Shop too – cute huh?

DIY Gold Leaf Table Runner Christmas Styling, Pink gold and white

You can also hang some leaves in a cluster with other paper decorations to tie it all in together. I hung some of the gold and silver placemats along with white paper lanterns found at The Reject Shop, and also cut the silver table cloth into a holly leaf shape to hang along side the gold!

diy gold leaf party wall hanging cluster

It’s also quick and easy to make some little cutlery holders for your table using the table cloth material.  I went for a tree ornament design. Shapes like stars or trees would look cute too.  Just cut two little slits in the middle of your shape for the cutlery to feed through


I found some sheets of cute craft paper at The Reject Shop too and made some little name place holders too! Oh the things you can do with paper!

Are you going to have a go at something crafty this Christmas? What do you really want to try?

Fiona x


Photography and video by Esperanza Creative
Styling and concept by Fiona Michelon 
Disclaimer: This DIY project has been sponsored by The Reject Shop. All opinions and content are my own and I only ever work with brands I feel are a fab fit for the blog. Thank you for supporting the brands that make my Craft Hunter journey possible!