diy-shrinky-dink-gem-earringsEryn from quirky craft blog Eryn With A Y is our special contributor for this week and she’s made these awesome gem earrings from Shrinky Dink plastic. I’d never actually even heard of Shrinky Dinks but have now realised I was robbed of a childhood. Such a cool material!

Eryn’s blog is full of fun and clever tutorials, definitely worth a peek. Especially loving these foam planters and this simple makeover on some thrift store baskets.

Big thanks to Eryn for this nifty tutorial. Over to you…

Fiona x


I’ve had these sheets of Shrinky Dink in my cupboard for years; so long I can’t remember buying them, or what I was planning to do with them! I’m sure it was amazing though, just like this project!

A post-Christmas cupboard clean out and some cute gift tags from Typo brought about this DIY earring idea.

If you’re looking for some more statement earrings, check out the companion post to this on Eryn With A Y, “Chevron Letter Earrings”. Both projects can be done in an afternoon, and worn out on the town that night. Although I wouldn’t suggest wearing both at once, especially if you only have one piercing.


  • 1 x sheet of Shrinky Dink plastic
  • scalpel and cutting mat
  • gold spray paint
  • gem print out
  • 2 x jump rings and earring findings
  • black marker
  • an oven

Time: 1 hour.

Cost: Approx. $30 for all materials new


Step 1: Search ‘gem’ in Google Images and print out a selection in three different sizes. I find it hard to judge the printed size of an image for some reason, so I always hedge my bets.Stencil

Step 2: Take a black marker and draw out the parts of the image that will make up your design, and then cut it out with a scalpel. I used a ruler to make sure I got a nice, straight line.Stencil-Cut-2

Step 3: Transfer the image onto the plastic with the marker and cut it out with the scalpel. Don’t worry if there’s some marker line on the final cut, you’ll be spraying over it anyway. Don’t forget to cut a small hole in the top for the jump ring to thread through.Pre-Shrunk-2

Step 4: Put the plastic in the oven (pre- heated to 150 degrees or whatever the instructions on your shrink plastic recommends). Keep a close eye on it, sometimes it needs a little longer than others, but it should completely shrink in just over a minute.Shrunk-3

Step 5: Spray the shrunk shapes with spray paint.Painted

Step 6: Fit the jump ring and the earring to the painted shape.



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