DIY Strawberry Hot Water Bottle Cover

It is getting COLLLD down here in Sydney. Isn’t it amazing how quickly things can go from lovely warm sunny days to bam, it’s freezing, wear a coat or your limbs might fall off. But it’s not all bad. If you’re anything like me it means plenty of down time indoors, with a coffee in hand, TV on, wrapped in a blanket.

With snug days in mind I decided it was time to make hot water bottles cool again. Sure, they are a bit daggy and not the most efficient way to get cosy, but when you transform them to be a giant piece of fruit, how can you resist it’s cuddly charm?! Would make for a fun gift idea for a family member too.

I found a thick red dish mat in The Reject Shop the other day and it’s so soft and squishy I couldn’t wait to transform it into a giant fruity delight. A couple of minutes on the sewing machine later and this happy fellow is ready to keep you cosy on the couch.

Are you a hot water bottle person??

Fiona x


  • Thick material or bath mat
  • White material for the seeds
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Green hot water bottle


It’s super simple. Lay down your hot water bottle onto your red fabric and cut a strawberry shape, leaving a couple of cm room for sewing.

Now cut a 2nd piece using your 1st as a template.


If you’re using a bath mat like me, put the hemmed edge at the top so you don’t have to re-hem it. If you’re using regular fabric, fold over the top of your strawberry shape and sew across to give it a neat hem.

Place your two berry shapes together, good side facing in, and sew around the edges with your sewing machine. I did a tight zig zag stitch to keep it nice and secure. If your fabric is as thick as mine it may need to be pulled through the sewing machine as you go but just be a little tough with it and you’ll get there.


Fold your strawberry right side out. Now to attach some seeds! Just cut out some tear drop shapes from some white fabric or tea towel like mine, and hand stitch them in place with a couple of quick stitches.

All done!

DIY strawberry hot water bottle cover



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