DIY cork plus sign pin boards by Craft Hunter Blog

Hi friends,

A super quick and cheap one for you today at a total cost of $5!

I’ve been wanting to make a little pin board area near my entryway for a while and finally got around to it on the weekend. These little dudes were actually just cork pot stand trivets from Ikea which come in a pack of 3 for $4.99 – bargain! Cutting the cork actually worked out much easier and neater than you might think too, the trick is to use a sturdy and sharp knife.

I think they’ve come up really well and are the perfect spot to hang some happy photos and postcards.


DIY cork plus sign pin boards by Craft Hunter Blog



Sketch up your plus sign onto the cork with the pencil and ruler (you can also do this on a piece of paper and cut it out first if you’re not confident measuring up shapes first go) and simply cut it out with your knife.  I recommend taking multiple trips over the cork rather than trying to do it in one heavy cut, as you may rip the corners of the cork.

DIY cork plus sign pin boards by Craft Hunter Blog

For your 2nd one, just place your first one on the cork as a template and trace around it so they’re all identical in shape.

For hanging, I just used these 3M velcro picture hanging strips so they site flush to the wall – much better than double sided tape as it’s actually stronger and won’t ruin the walls when you want to take them down.

Pretty easy, right?

In other news I’m having my 30th birthday party soon (eeew… I know) so be prepared to be bombarded with party related posts of all forms. Nothing like a good excuse to go crazy with the decorations!!

Fiona x


Top 8 gorgeous Ikea furniture hack ideasTop 8 gorgeous Ikea furniture hack ideas

There’s nothing I love more than a super creative and easy furniture makeover, and when it comes to low cost furniture, Ikea has to be one of the most perfect places in the universe. Why settle for the finished piece straight out of the flat pack box when you can add a bit of love and have a gorgeous masterpiece of your own which looks a million bucks?! They’re commonly known as Ikea hacks these days and if you google the term, your mind will be blown by the 100’s of creative ideas from around the globe.

I’m sharing 8 ideas I’m absolutely loving at the moment. They all look amazingly expensive and glam and have me all excited to visit the wonderful land of Ikea this weekend!

  1. Such a simple idea and who knew these chairs could look so amazing? Style Me Pretty has nailed it on this chair makeover

  2. Last year I spent forever brainstorming ways I could make a long ottoman for the end of my bed, but nothing was quite right, but this project by Dwellings by DeVore is so spot on I am definitely giving it a go.

  3. This reclaimed wood buffet cabinet by Place of My Taste is my all time favourite Ikea hack I think. You would never know it was just a plain cabinet before and what an easy project!

  4. I would never think to paint a chair cobalt blue but after seeing how gorgeous this office chair turned out from Style Me Pretty I’m dying to paint something blue now!

  5. Doesn’t get much simpler than putting a tree stump on a stool base as SeaKettle has done, and the result is just so good.

  6. For a simple vintage industrial look at some faux card catalog details to the front of a cabinet – genius! This gorgeous project can be found on Windgate Lane. 

  7. A really easy shelving idea from Lay Baby Lay which looks uber glam.

  8. Mandy from Vintage Revivals is kind of the queen of awesome mid-century modern style DIYs and this dresser has to be one of my faves. Love a peach and gold combo!

Which is your fave?

Fiona x


diy-fabric-planter-bagdiy fabric planter bag from Craft Hunter

These fabric storage/planter bags have seriously grown in popularity over the 12 month’s haven’t they? You’ll probably struggle to find a homewares store without at least one version of them. Whether it’s for displaying your pot plants or storing your nick nacks, they’re an awesome addition to your home and considering how ridiculously easy they are to make and customise, you really should jump on the train and make one up for yourself!

Mid-last year I created this DIY planter bag project just for Winkelen magazine and since then I’ve made this project at least 5 more times, either out of fabric or paper. They’re such awesome gifts and are really cute for just around the home. I thought it was about time I shared the full tutorial on Craft Hunter for you so you can re-live the inspiration!

For this one I used some Ikea fabric for the patterned side, and I just used white cotton for the inside. If you want yours water tight, try a laminated fabric for the inner layer.


  • 2 pieces of fabric for the outer layer 45x65cm each
  • 2 pieces of fabric for the inner layer 45x65cm each
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Sewing pins
  • 2 pieces of craft foam or scrap cardboard
  • Sewing machine and thread (or needle and thread)


Measure out and mark up a 40 x 60cm rectangle onto the back of 1 piece of fabric (obviously go bigger if you have a large plant though!) Place on top of your 2nd piece of fabric so the backs are both facing out and pin around the sketched rectangle. Sew 3 sides of your rectangle with a simple straight or zigzag stitch, leaving one of the shorter sides open. Trim around your sewed edges with your scissors.


Place both hands inside your pillow and flatten it out so that the seam is facing up and is in the centre. Push a pin through the seam and ensure its centred with the seam on the underside.  Mark a 20cm straight line across the point.
Sew across the line, trim off the fabric and then repeat for the other side of your bag. You should then be left with a base that looks like this:
Repeat these steps for your 2nd fabric design and when you’ve finished, place your liner bag inside the other. To keep the bag sitting up nicely I placed a couple of pieces of craft foam in between the layers, cardboard would work a treat too.
Roll down the two pieces of fabric from the top and you’re done! Be sure to pop a drip tray under your plant pot to protect the fabric, if you haven’t used a laminated fabric.
diy fabric planter bag from Craft Hunter


Prettypegs launch table leg range Prettypegs launch table leg rangePrettypegs launch table leg range Prettypegs launch table leg rangePrettypegs launch table leg range

You might have seen Prettypegs around the place already, they’re based in Sweden and sell a genius product – stylish wooden legs in fun colours which easily screw onto your Ikea lounges and arm chairs. It’s one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ products which are so simple and appeal to pretty much anyone with a living room. Their newest collection is a gorgeous range of 15 table legs, ready to be screwed into dining table and desk tops from big furniture chains including Ikea, or make your own with just a slab of wood.

I love that it’s allowing even the not so DIY savvy people to customize their interiors and step away from the standard.  I can tell you from experience that it’s blooming hard to find nice table legs to customize furniture yourself. I’ll definitely be picking up a set!

The table leg range will be available May 23rd at 

Mid-Century Modern Sideboard From an Ikea Bookshelf

ikea hack mid century modern sideboardAn awesome Ikea hack to welcome you into the week. I have real soft spot for mid-century modern pieces. This simple transformation of the Ikea Expedit Shelving just using stained ply wood and second hand legs is ridonkulously good! Check it all out over here at Ikea Hackers.

ikea hack mid century modern sideboard



DIY Cloud Doormat

After our earlier post on the super cute cloud cushions, I’m allll about the cloud shapes now. Love them!  This doormat is just cut from a plain ole’ Ikea mat. Much nicer way to enter a room don’t you think? I’m really digging the black on the white floor boards but would also be cute in a bright colour for a kids room or babies nursery.

Check it out on Shine Design from Norway here

DIY cloud doormat

DIY cloud doormat